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  • I’m not sure wether this was Sky-Dragoon-Twighlight’s or yours but I’m posting in your wLl because you both use it for theories.

    You said the White Whale had about a 1 in 3000 chance of survival. The chances would probably be slimmer. The Ark ships were all incomplete. They were complete enough that they would work, but not all the technical issues had been sorted out. These technical issues could potentially destroy the ships. The battle over earth happened sooner than expected, so humanity had launch its ships before they were fully complete. Though their would probably be materials to fix the issues, there would not be enough to finish everything.

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  • Hey, S-noells! I hate to sound like a spammer, but because of my laziness, I'll simply copy and paste what I wrote to Ceiling Master here.

    Please check out Xenoboards-- a discussion board for fans of the Xeno series. I recently joined the site a few days ago as "Momo". So far, the members have been pretty friendly and the general atmosphere is very laidback. Just wanted to share this site with you because you seem like a cool person who happens to like the Xenoblade games.

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  • Hi S-noells, when you upload images, please take care not to replace an existing image, as you did with :File:Elma.jpg, you can easily avoid it by giving a specific name to the image you want to upload. Thank you.

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  • After your latest reply in our discussion and my own response, I actually just thought of something that may related to the Samaarian's threat yet their lack of doing anything to the Ganglion. I think maybe the Ganglion actually found a flaw in their plans. So my idea is... what if the Samaarian's threat comes from the species that are their descendants?

    Think about it, Humans' DNA is fatal to them and melts their bodies to nothing. If the Qlurians happen to be another Samaarian descendant species, the Trion Barrier says enough. Maybe the Ganglion rebelled once before and the Samaarians granted them mercy to leave some of them alive, which was their warning. However they found out what gave their threat any power, and decided turning against the Samaarians would succeed if they killed all their descendants first.

    It's possible they've already succeeded in wiping out a few before they attacked Earth, and maybe their descendants aren't just those that look Human either. The Zaruboggans could be descendants of their's too. As shown with Lao, they will allow traitors to their own kind to live, so Ryyz may be this for the Qlurians, and the Zaruboggans were the same but sided against them when they noticed Humanity fighting back and not losing.

    So perhaps when the attack on Earth happened, it was with some slave races who aren't just linked to their crime syndicate or Samaar Federation members who wanted the Samaarians gone as well and aided them. They could have even just used the fact Ghosts were heading that way and used a fight against them as an excuse to destroy Humanity.

    The Samaarians may have not been able to intervene for some reason (politics or risking many turning against them and causing a full blown war maybe?), so Elma could be a Samaar Federation agent and was sent to save Humanity because... Humanity may be the final descendant race that keeps the Samaarians' threat alive.

    So maybe the reason the Samaarians haven't stopped them because they share the same tech, so the Samaarians use the fact they created them against them and had their descentants enhanced against them. As such, the Ganglion's goal is to kill them all so their threat is rendered useless, giving another reason why Luxaar says "and the stories would have us bow before you?". It also gives another angle for Goetia being called a Samaarian Witch, perhaps it's Elma's way of calling her a heretic.

    EDIT: Forgot to put this part in ^^;

    And another layer to this idea? The Qlurians kinda look like Elves to me, so perhaps another clue to the species that are Samaarians' descendant are those that we Humans see within our mythologies.

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  • After I made the last reply of mine in our discussion, I did some thinking and there was something else that I realized felt odd on the subject of why the Ganglion weren't easily stopped even if the Samaarians lacked any warfare tech when Humanity's DNA is lethal to them... but then I realized the Samaarians have already made two artificial species and I think I figured something out.

    When Luxaar fell into the protoplasmic fluid, the human DNA killed him in a way that seemed similar to how salt kills a snail, so I started thinking... what if Humans aren't Samaarians descendants via evolution, but because the Samaarians created them and used their DNA in the process? The failsafe must be an addition they added due to something they knew within the Ganglion's biology would be harmful to them if they were to touch it.

    To carbon based lifeforms, the element of arsenic is very poisonous, so I think that addition Humanity was given and that the Samaarians lack themselves is such a substance that's just as lethal to the Ganglion. So there may not really be a failsafe, atleast in the way the Ganglion are thinking of it. The Samaarians made them and therefore would know what substances are dangerous to them, but the Ganglion are artificial and therefore may not know this, hence why they think it's a myth.

    So what do you think about this theory?

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    • Yeah, though the L rule that I mentioned is mainly just fictional. While we do know that it's possible for Silicon based life to form, since we've never met any such life, we don't know what would be poisonous to them.

      Guess I better search what elements make up Humans.

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    • Oh yeah... figure I should mention this here since you might reply to this discussion before the other and I think it's important you see this first. I think we should maybe stop bringing up the Samaarians into our discussion.

      After looking back on our prior responses, I worry I'm gonna get carried away soon and say something I might regret, I don't wanna end up doing that. I think we've already talked about them enough and I honestly would like to talk about other parts of the game now.

      I guess what I'm saying is I prefer are talks to be conversations/discussions, I'd rather not have it evolve into an argument.

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  • Hey S-noells, I enjoyed talking with you about that theory of yours and one of the things you said made me think about something interesting.

    Eventually, tht thinking lead to me making a theory that actually connects with your idea about Goetia possibly being a Samaarian. I thought you may be interested in it, so if you'd like to hear about it just let me know.

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    • Speaking of which, maybe it might be better to talk about things like that metal since for one that does have story relevance, it's also got nothing to really explain. It seems like things get a little confuddled and messy with our discussions when we try to bring theories into it.

      Plus now that you've mentioned the metal, I'm a lot more interested in this part of the game, it's more enigmatic than anything else and it seems more interesting to talk about how it could be important rather than what makes it important due to thw two instances it's appeared.

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    • Sorry it's been so long since I've said anything. Anyways, recently I've realized that some of the music in Xenoblade X references specific events that either have happened in the game or are likely to happen. The specific songs I'd like to point out are ​Wir Fliegen, Black Tar, and ​In the Forest​. I'm aware that the songs likely are using metaphors in them, but there are things in these songs that should be taken literally.

      I'm going to start off with Wir Fliegen​ since it summarizes one of Xenoblade X's main conflicts; the race against time to retrieve the Lifehold. Considering that this song can only be obtained after Chapter 5 and you know what the stakes are, this song isn't particularly spoiling anything. Looking at the page on this wiki, I found the English translation.

      The first line in the song is "The skyscrapers conquer the sky glittering with stars", this is likely referring to the administritive district since that's where all the skyscrapers can be found. The most important skyscraper worth noting is the BLADE Tower since it has the percentage of power left in the Lifehold Core, which is a countdown of how long humanity has until going extinct (until revealed otherwise). The line "We are running through the gorge of buildings underneath" is also likely referring to the administrative district. The following line is "so that we don't lose true light", I'm sure "true light" is a metaphor for something, I'm just not entirely sure what. The following two lines are similes.

      The main chorus is where the connection between ​Wir Fliegen​ and the search for the Lifehold Core are particularly strong. The song repeatedly has lyrics such as saying "tick tock, the clock is ticking", which is of course referencing that humanity is on a timer before going extinct. It also mentions "the journey into the future" which could be referencing towards the attempt to get humanity a future.

      Going back to the metaphor about the "true light", it's mentioned in the chorus as well, with the line "in gentle light we are flying towards you". This brings up what the light is supposed to be referring to and who the "you" is. The rest of the song can be argued to either be a metaphor for something or a possible hint of what's next.

      If the next verse is a hint towards what's next, it could be hinting of trying to find someone, considering this mysterious "you" is mentioned multiple times later in the song. Considering after the "you" is mentioned after the song stops talking about the race against time and the only "you" to go missing after the race against time ends is Lao, if this verse (and the next one) are about Lao, then there are some assumptions we can make about what happens to Lao and who the Black Knight may be. Just a supporting thing that doesn't add up to much, the only other song to sing about Lao, ​So Nah So Fern​, is also the only other song in German. Just referring quickly to the end of the song, it ends on "because we are fighters for freedom, You, too", the character that's most likely to play as an antihero in a future game would be Lao because of his betrayal, and with all the support the main characters have towards him and the strong sense he gives of not really forgiving himself, I can imagine Lin saying something along the lines of that to him.

      The first line of the second to last verse is, "We shatter the heavens like frosted glass because it locks you in your room". This could explain what the "light" is referring to when it says "In gentle light we are flying towards you". The usage of "heavens" could imply that the Black Knight is some sort of divine being. We've both agreed that Elma is likely some sort of divine being, even if we disagree on what exactly she is, combined with the fighting Vita, a Skell belonging to a divine being, in Chapter 12, information being obtained about the Samaarians (another godlike force), it's safe to assume this is where Monolith is going to introduce all the divine-like characters at once. It's also worth noting that as of now, the Black Knight is the only character that's his species. Even though he's likely a mysteroid, which we know are a powerful race, that doesn't change that he's the only one of his species and we don't know anything about him. Either way, the important thing to take out of this is that the Black Knight is likely a divine being of some sort. Going back to the song, the part of "becuase it locks you in your room" could be implying that the Black Knight holds Lao hostage, or something else, but it's implied that the Black Knight wants something with Lao regardless of what happens.

      Considering that the song repeats "We are flying in the starry sky, hand in hand", it could mean that the "heavans" part of the previous line wasn't referring to something else, or it could also mean be referring to the giant space ship shown in the concept art that looks like it could belong to the Black Knight. This line is repeated in the next verse. It's also worth noting the lyric "We destroy the mirror that distorts the sky". This could be referring to something to do with Mira. The reason I say this is that everyone that enters Mira seems unable to leave except maybe the Ghosts or Black Knight. Professor B can't leave in his sidequest, the Ma-non state in story that they can't leave, and the Goetia also mentions that the Ganglion can't leave. According to the Ma-non, their navigation system "went all screwy" and if I remember correctly, Professor B said something along those lines as well. If you talk to the Ma-non helping him, he brings up the possibility of some sort of barrier surrounding Mira, which could connect to the "mirror that distorts the sky".

      Keep in mind that everything regarding the last two verses is speculation. Not much can really be proven towards the Black Knight and what happens to Lao. But it's worth noting that the first half of the song is referring to part of the known plot while the rest of the song doesn't, which could either mean the rest is metaphor or the rest is related to future plot.

      The next song I'd like to talk about is Black Tar. Unlike Wir Fliegen​, if this song is referring to future events, we have to go based on a few assumptions and matching details. First thing that I'd like to mention is that this song most likely was not​ supposed to originally be the theme for fighting wild life on Mira considering how metallic and intense the music is (seriously, this is probably one of the most intense songs in the game). Also out of all the battle themes in the game with lyrics, this appears in the least significant battle; normal enemies. The other battle themes with lyrics in them are the Tyrant theme, Ganglion Skell Theme, the final boss, and the Yggralith Zero theme. Also considering that ghosts are mentioned multiple times in the song, I have reason to believe that this was originally meant to be the Ghost theme.

      Further supporting that ​Black Tar​ is the Ghost theme is that dark matter is brought up multiple times, considering that the Ghosts use the same coloring as the Vita (and Elma's Ares) which according to Elma and the Enemy Index is made using dark matter, it's safe to assume that's what the Ghosts are made out of. Also the line "No peace looking at the sky" could be a reference to how the Ghosts are just hanging around in Mira's atmosphere after causing the White Whale to crash on Mira. Considering these are the aliens that ​destroyed the world​, you bet looking at the sky and knowing they're out there wouldn't be peaceful.

      In terms of Black Tar​ addressing the plot of Xenoblade X, the lines "We're stuck on a different planet" is pretty obviously referring to how everyone's trapped on Mira, as previously explained. We've both agreed that the Tainted will likely become a serious threat towards humanity in the future and that they were likely corrupted animals on Mira. Similarly, the song associates black tar with the ghosts and said tar taking over people, represented with the verses:

      "Seeing ghosts scatter. As they pour out, we can handle them. It's the tar taking over that came unexpected, hard to accept it, getting marked for death. Seeing friends snatched and darkly possessed. The tar inside, stealing the body and breath, til only a shell is left. Witness to Hell in the flesh."

      All of this is basically saying that the Ghosts bring some sort of virus that makes everything more violent. You were the one that brought up the virus, but I'd also like to point out that the Tainted are also described as brutal and killing every organic being that isn't Tainted. So the Tainted fit the "Hell in the flesh" description. In order for the transformation into Tainted to work, it's safe to assume that you have to be an organic being that was near them without dying, but it most likely isn't transmitted by simply being in Tainted presence, otherwise Tatsu would probably be dead. Which could mean it's transmitted in a similar way that becoming a Gnosis worked in Xenosaga or in a similar way to rabies. This organic life part either means that the Tainted take over after humans get their real bodies back, which would probably make the Ghosts tainted Samaarians, which would be interesting but I don't have much other evidence to support that. The other possibility is that the humans remain in mimeosome bodies and the xenoforms, which at that point are likely accepted as friends, start to become Ghosts. Other parts of the song seem to indicate either that the transformation is slow and painful or the emotional pain that people feel after seeing said transformation.

      It's most likely that by this point, the humans have their real bodies left (and probably can't access the Lifehold due to it either being destroyed now or destroyed in future events). This is supported by the line "But now we can only fell the pain of the danger being real" while when in a mimeosome body (as pointed out multiple times in the story) if you were to die you'd be able to return with the Lifehold Core. Another line that might be worth considering is "Just wanna live in peace yet Black tar's gonna keep us restless, running just to keep our own breaths". This could imply that the Ghosts drive the humans out of NLA (maybe the survivors escape via Ma-non ship or something). Of course this is just speculation since there really isn't much other evidence to go off of since we're not that far in the story.

      Going off of the song being taken literally, I'd like to point out this verse: "All swallowed in grief. Images start to stalk like a beast. I hear voices but no one talking to me..." First off the "beast" could once again be referring to the Tainted, which could be the narrator undergoing said transformation or the narrator being wracked in grief. Either way, it shows someone going insane. Considering that in there are already character's in Xenoblade X that broke due to grief (especially Lao, but there are others), it's not outside the realm of possibilities. Either way, it could mean one thing or another, and there's no real way to tell which is which.

      Either way, if we're going to take anything from this song, it's that at some point, the Ghosts are going to return and turn everything to hell. I image that the events described in Black Tar​ are likely going to take place after getting the Lifehold Core sorted out. It's also highly possible that the events described in ​Wir Fliegen​ caught the Ghosts' attention with humans being able to somehow exit Mira or maybe something else humanity does. It's also entirely possible that the Black Knight is pulling the strings behind everything, but I find that to be an unlikely possibility since the Ghosts have yet to reappear while the Black Knight has taken Lao to the unknown.

      Lastly, I'd like to talk about In the Forest​. This one requires the most squinting at details, but from what I could find, it does match up with previous things we agreed upon and some of the conclusions I drew about Black Tar​.

      Starting off with lyrics that best support the current knowledge on Xenoblade X. The most obvious lyric is "We had our time on Mother Earth" being repeated. Already, ​In the Forest​ is referencing that Earth was destroyed, Black Tar​ is the only other song in the game to do that. It's also worth noting that this is the only song to mention "New LA".

      The reference to Earth probably isn't enough to be convincing, but there's an entire verse that needs to be addressed that I'd like to mention. Here it is:

      ​"She was standing there in the hanger, the hatch was open then there's no one there. He was drifting along in the universe. That was the last time I saw his face."

      This verse always struck me as odd, but more recently, I found something out that these lyrics are likely referencing.

      Original Ares Concept Art

      It turns out that the original Ares was a two-person Skell, we already know this. Here's some concept art of the inside of the cockpit. There's a male and female driver. We know the female driver is Elma, so the male driver must the unknown person driving the Skell with her.

      It turns out that like Xenoblade Chronicles, Xenoblade X has a series of official short stories. Two things I want to point out, you said the Ghosts were powered by antimatter, this is probably where that assumption came from, whether you found it here or somewhere else, which I'd like to point out that the White Whale was translated as the "Moby Dick", Vadham as "Van Damme", and Skells as "Dolls", so I don't think that automatically gives the Ghosts antimatter cores like you've been saying for a while, that or the people translating from Japanese to English changed "antimatter" to "dark matter", possibly to make it sound more ominous, possibly some other reason. The important thing to take out of this is that in the story "Our Beautiful Blue Birthplace, a Sphere of Water Suspended in Space... Earth", the person that helped Elma in the original Ares was a male and that "he vanished along with his Doll afterwards". This means he probably could've ejected Elma or something (like the lyrics seem to imply). The point to take out of this is that there is literally a guy floating around in space.

      That kind of connection isn't a coincidence. So let's look at how this connects to some of the conclusions I made about Black Tar​. The lyrics "Watch out, all's quiet, in the forest. Grab your shotgun. Shoot in the dark. Pull the trigger, something's hiding. Look back, find out, where the hell are we?" could be taken into a similar context as possibility of humanity being scattered by the Ghosts. Also another verse that could allude to this is in the verse about Earth's destruction, the line "Looking down on the town of New LA. We gotta help each other as fellow." It's kind of odd that the song jumps from looking at NLA to needing to help each other, but I realize connecting these specific lyrics to that is a bit of a stretch. Plus the name In the Forest​ could reference how the Tainted came from Noctilum, which is a giant forest.

      It wasn't really clear where any events described in Black Tar​ might lead to. The best answer this song could supply is the lyrics "we were struggling in the underground. We'll find ourselves now as we dream". This could mean that human moved into Mira's caves, which unless Monolith can make a series of caves interesting to travel through, I don't think "the underground" is supposed to be taken literally. It should also be taken into account that "we won't be sober" implies that humans still have access to alcohol, which could go against humans ever even leaving NLA, but also considering how drunk with power the narrator seems after that line, it could be referring to that. Just comes down to how you interpret the song.

      I'd like to also talk about the "father's land" mentioned multiple times. Considering that Earth is described as "mother earth", the Samaarians were the ancestor's of humanity, and Mira is likely either the gateway to the Samaarian homeworld or the Samaarian homeworld itself, the Samaarians could be the "father" to humanity and the humans are on Mira. Therefore it's possible that the "father's land" is the Samaarian Homeworld. It's worth pointing out that the next line is "Now we're fighting hard in common land". This leaves the question of who's being fought. Considering that this song is likely sung after the reveal about Mira's relationship with the Samaarian Homeworld, which isn't revealed while the Ganglion are a threat, it's likely that this would be sung while either the Black Knight and/or the Ghosts are a threat. I'm guessing it's more related to the Ghosts though based on what I've previously said. The other part worth commenting on is the "common land" detail. Does it just mean that (presumably) Mira is the one place the humans and Ghosts are fighting? Or could it mean that Mira holds some significance to both races? There's no clear indication for one way or another, with our current knowledge, both options are viable.

      Let's look at how the lyrics in this song might be related to what happened before this song takes place. First off like I said, humanity discovered that Mira is related to the Samaarian Homeworld. Since Earth is "mother" and the Samaarian homeworld is "father", the verse "Never not ever, we won't be sober. Father, Mother, give us strength! More! More! Never not ever, got any power? Father, Mother, give us strength! More! More!" This could either be taken as desperation or arrogance. Considering everything in Black Tar​, I'm going to guess it's the former.

      The issue with using In the Forest​ to use for making predictions is that I get the impression that it requires knowledge gained from parts of the plot that have yet to appear. The best I can make out of it is that the humans find out about the Samaarians and Mira, giving them some chance at fighting off the Ghosts. Almost anything else that I can make out of the song is really just speculating what the lyrics could mean or supporting my thoughts on Black Tar​.

      In summary, if Wir Fliegen, Black Tar, and In the Forest​ are foreshadowing future plot in Xenoblade X, here's what I think is going to happen:

      The Black Knight is going to reveal himself to humanity or start attacking. This causes the party to go after him only to find that they can't escape Mira. This leads to them realizing just how many extinct civilizations wound up on Mira. Somewhere along the way they realize that Lao is also in the Black Knight's possession. Eventually they break out of Mira and confront the Black Knight. This grabs the Ghost's attention, causing them to attack the humans living on Mira. They're able to easily capture NLA, while some survivors exit on the Ma-non ship. Here it is revealed that the Ghosts (weapons) are the Tainted by transforming a good chunk of people into Tainted. This could also be where Mira's relation to the Samaarian homeworld could be revealed. Since the survivors are unlikely to be soldiers, this would be a good place to end off the the sequel for another game. The next game would take place after the Tainted took over most of Mira and humanity (along with the various xenoforms) are scattered around Mira, most likely nowhere near the five continents we explore in Xenoblade X. From there, it's a bit too blurry to make out what happens next.

      I reconize that these are three songs in the soundtrack and the composer is allowed to do whatever the heck he wants to, but I'd like to point out that the lyrics in these songs are supported by things we've agreed upon and things that are undisputed fact. I'm interested in what you have to say.

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  • Hello S-noells, and welcome to the Xenoblade Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Blossom Boisterous Dance page. Hopefully, you will wield your keyboard as you would the Monado and continue to aid us in becoming the most comprehensive wiki for the Xenoblade Chronicles series on all of Bionis!

    If you need help with anything or have any questions, please post to the forums, ask one of our friendly active editors, or reply to this message. We also encourage you to have a look at our FAQ.

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