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  • Hi Xkpaulo, thank you for your contribution.

    I trust you for these changes but I would like to be sure that you carefully check all of these points, the informations were based on the JCE, and I have some doubts. In particular, is it well OK for you that "After meeting Miqol in the Hidden Village" is a story event moment that marks the game progression through Fallen Arm? If I remember well some quests were available after this prerequisite story event, I would be surprised if no quest remains under this prerequisite.

    Thank you.

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    • Hello.

      Im playing Fallen Arm as we speak and I can confirm so far that nearly all quests in the section "After meeting Miqol" can be done before speaking to him. I can even prove it with the following image:
      Quests fallen arm

      You can see that I don't have the "fiora's tratement" quest, which you get after Miqol, but I already complete several other quests that supposedly require me to talk to Miqol first.

      I think that the only ones that require speak to him are:

      - Teraphy

      - The Oath Sword

      I was planing to move the reaming quests to the section "After reaching the Hidden Village" very soon once I'm done doing all the quests.

      But, if you prefer I leave the page as it is.

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    • OK, fine!
      No problem, just do not forget to update the Fallen Arm Quests table!
      Thanks again for your help.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Xkpaulo, and welcome to the Xenoblade Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Reyn page. Hopefully, you will wield your keyboard as you would the Monado and continue to aid us in becoming the most comprehensive wiki for the Xenoblade Chronicles series on all of Bionis!

    If you need help with anything or have any questions, please post to the forums, ask one of our friendly active editors, or reply to this message. We also encourage you to have a look at our FAQ.

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    • A FANDOM user
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