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Mia Grows Up is an Affinity Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received near Division Drive in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles.


  1. "Talk to Nan at the Nopon Bazaar in the commercial district."
  2. Achieve all objectives:
  3. "Talk to Nan at the Nopon Bazaar in the Commercial District."
  4. "Talk to Mamara at Oblivia's Dorian Caravan."
  5. "Talk to Dadato at one of Oblivia's floating islands."
    • A Colubrim appears near the floating island, but defeating it is optional.
  6. "Head to Oblivia's Dorian Caravan."


"You learned about Mia's upbringing and parents. Such things will no doubt be a driving factor in he future developement."

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