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Mia is Missing! is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Mia in the Ganglion Antropolis in Cauldros. Near the back of the Antropolis, hanging a left down a side passageway will lead to the trailer that Mia is locked in. Said trailer is marked with a yellow square and a white dot on the map. The trailer is guarded by a high level Definian Clone. A cutscene will trigger upon approaching it.


  1. "Search for a blue-suited xenoform in Cauldros's Ganglion Antropolis."
  2. "Acquire the container key from HH100: Hierana in Cauldros's Ganglion Antropolis."
  3. "Talk to Mia in Cauldros's Ganglion Antropolis."
  4. "Talk to Walter at the maintenance center in the Administrative District."


"Mia returned safely to New LA. It also looks like she might finally get the BLADE recognition she's been yearning for."

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