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Midnight Feasting is a DLC Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is one of five quests released as downloadable content, the New Quests Pack 1 of the Expansion Pass. After starting chapter 7 and collecting the unlock item from the "Expansion Pass" menu, the quest can be received from Mughtal at Nharil Central Plaza in the Empire of Mor Ardain. After speaking to him, it is required to go to Bellyfull Canteen at night (between midnight and 4:00) in order to get the quest.


  1. "See what's going on at the Bellyfull Canteen in Mor Ardain late at night."
  2. "Work together with the Fire Dragons at the Bellyfull Canteen in Mor Ardain to create a brand-new fish dish."


"The "ghosts" turn out to be the Fire Dragons. You helped them cook, and now they've gone on tour."

Unlock Item

As with all quests obtained from the Expansion Pass, the quest will only appear after the corresponding Key Item is collected from the menu.