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Hartmut B

The Enemy Index for Hartmut, the Calamity

Millepods (Japanese: ミレペーダ, Mirepēda) are flying Insectoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They look like huge centipedes. There are only three known Millepods; two Tyrants and a Mission Exclusive Enemy. They can be found in Noctilum, Oblivia, and Cauldros.


"Hulking, centipede-like creatures with flight capabilities. Extremely temperamental, they never flee a situation, even when wounded. They also have a well-deserved reputation for attacking anything in sight, setting upon victims with an immense maw that leaves the landscape beneath them scarred.

Because their great fangs never stop growing, millepods must gnaw on boulders to wear them down. This habit results in a variety of minerals entering the animal's digestive tract, and it is not uncommon for millepod corpses to house a trove of precious stones."

Color Variants

Millepods fall into two color variants:

  • Orange millepods are primarily orange with some metallic blue. They can drop Yellow Millepod Rocks.
  • Brown millepods are brown all over, with the interior of their mouth being green. They can drop Millepod Ice Rocks.

List of Millepods

Name Variant Type Location Time Weather Level
Brute Millepod Orange Normal Cauldros The Unbreakable Sword All
Hartmut, the Calamity Brown Tyrant Oblivia Anytime All 91
Shuravas, the Enraged Orange Tyrant Noctilum Anytime Thunderstorm 65


Millepod may be a corruption of millipede, or simply Mille (big) and Pod (foot).


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