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Mining DE

Shulk about to mine Ether Crystal

Mining is an important mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles. Crystals can be mined from Ether Crystal Deposits, as shown in the picture to the right.

The first crystal deposit is in Tephra Cave, near the Spring of Grief. The Ether Mine has the most places to mine crystals. Some deposits have more than one spot where crystals can be collected. Others have one mining deposit but will allow crystals to be collected a few times. Deposits which have been exhausted will replenish over time.

Rare Crystals

There is a chance when mining to receive a rare crystal, where attributes of that single mined crystal have increased quality percentages and/or increased number of attributes. Upon receiving a rare crystal the sound heard when mining will change to indicate this uncommon occurrence. Melia's Mining Master skill gives a 5% increased chance to receive a these rare crystals when mining.

Ether Deposit Qualities

Each ether deposit mining node only has crystals harvestable from one of the six element types: Earth, Electric, Fire, Ice, Water or Wind. Further, each ether deposit mining node only has crystals with certain attributes and ranks.

For example, Satorl Marsh's Ether Deposit 4 (located in a waterfall south-east of Zaldania Waterfall and north of Poison Swamp) will always only give Rank II water crystals with the attributes of HP Up, Recovery Up, Arts Heal or Terrain Defence.

Bionis' Interior Ether Deposit 6, by the Terminal Vein, will always only give Rank V earth crystals with Muscle Up or Attack Stability properties. No other types of crystals with other attributes may ever be received from these specific Ether Deposits.

Likewise, every ether deposit has its own unique set of crystal attributes that can be harvested.

Colony 6 Nature Levels

When first encountered, all eight ether deposit mining nodes in the Ether Mine and all two deposits in the Colony 6 area, will only give crystals of Rank II quality. Reconstructing Colony 6's Nature level to 3, will cause all these ether deposits in the Ether Mine and Colony 6 area to now give Rank III ether crystals. Likewise, increasing Nature level to 4 or 5 will cause these ether nodes to give crystals of Rank IV or Rank V quality.

Ether Deposit Locations

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