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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Cole, originally known as Minoth (Japanese: ミノチ, Minochi), is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is an elderly man who lives in Fonsa Myma, the capital of the Kingdom of Uraya. He is a playwright, and the leader of the troupe that performs at the Mymoma Playhouse. He is the caretaker of Iona, and used to be a mercenary along with Vandham. He is also a Flesh Eater; his Blade weapons are a pair of daggers, although he is only known to possess one at the time he meets Rex.

In Torna ~ The Golden Country, Minoth (his former name) is a Special Legendary Blade. He can grant tremendous power to Addam and his allies. Minoth uses the dark element, wields Gunknives, and acts as an Attacker in battle.


Cole is brash and straightforward, although when dealing with sensitive topics will tone himself down. His status as a Flesh Eater allows him to wander Alrest freely without being hindered by his Driver being far away, so Cole spends most of his time as far from Amalthus as possible, having seen his nature and hatred.


As Minoth, he is a young man with long brown hair in a jagged ponytail and a brown scar across one eye. He wears brown cowboy-esque attire, and has a blue and red core crystal on his chest shaped like a shield.

As Cole, he has deteriorated; he is visibly older, with a stouter figure, darker skin and short hair. Although he retains his scar, nothing else other than one of his gunknives remains of his Blade form. He wears a cloak to hide his body.


Aegis War

Minoth with Amalthus

Minoth originally is awakened as a Blade of Amalthus, although he later becomes a Flesh Eater using technology from Judicium. Although the technology allows him to operate independently of Amalthus, Minoth soon suspects that the experiment that turned him into a Flesh Eater was a failure. Minoth eventually learns of Amalthus's hatred towards humanity and the latter's ideas of equating the world with Hell. After Amalthus awakens Malos, the consequent destruction disgusts Minoth, leading him to despise Amalthus and actively avoid the Quaestor.

Two years after his last meeting with Amalthus, Minoth hears rumors of Addam and Mythra heading to Auresco, capital of the Kingdom of Torna. He then joins Addam and Mythra, along with Lora, Jin, Haze, Hugo, Brighid, and Aegaeon in their efforts to stop Malos. During his time with the group, Minoth allows Addam to make use of his Blade abilities in a Driver-like fashion. Minoth agrees to keep Jin and Lora's secret and suggests that all Drivers and Blades should strive to have as strong a bond as those two.

Fonsa Myma

Cole with Iona

After the Aegis War, Minoth renames himself Cole; he and Vandham become freelance mercenaries. Eventually, the two part ways, with Vandham joining the Garfont Mercenaries and Cole settling down as a playwright in Fonsa Myma. True to his suspicions, the Flesh Eater technology robs Cole of the effective immortality experienced by other Blades, and by the time Rex meets him, he has aged significantly since the Aegis War.

Vandham plans to take Rex to meet Cole in Fonsa Myma, who he thinks can help Rex reach Elysium. Iona, Cole's adopted granddaughter, takes them to Cole, who has begun producing plays at Mymoma Playhouse. He agrees to help Rex reach Elysium. After Mythra reawakens at the Olethro Ruins, Cole reveals himself as a Flesh Eater to Rex and the others. He lost his immortality, however, and was unable to gain any unique abilities. He gives Rex his old Gunknife and tells him that his Driver, Amalthus, will be able to help him.

Torna ~ The Golden Country


Vanguard Arts

Rear Guard Arts



  • Lv. 1 - Espada - Lead with a series of double-bladed cuts, then barrage the foe with bullets.
  • Lv. 2 - Ciclón - Destroy your enemies using cuts and shots delivered while spinning.
  • Lv. 3 - Cruceta - Slide into range, guns blazing, then leap in for an all-out attack.
  • Lv. 4 - Escorpión - Rapidly pass weapons back and forth, shooting and slashing in sequence.

Battle Skills

  • Santo - Increases damage dealt by 6% to 10% on every attack cancel (max: 250%).
  • Medio - Reduces aggro build-up from attacks by 20% to 40%.
  • Limpio - Increases damage dealt by 60% to 100% when battling a boss or unique enemy.

Field Skills

  • Entomology - Lv. 3
  • Mining - Lv. 3

Favorite Items


At Campsites, Minoth can craft Script Pouch items from Memento Bark and Sticky Stick Insects. Minoth's Dramaturgy allows him to create:

Affinity Chart

Type Name Skill Level Affinity Level Effect Prerequisite Count Flavor Text
Key Affinity Reward 1 1 Unlocks level 1 of the Affinity Chart.
2 2 Unlocks level 2 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 30 "Hah, who'd a thunk I'd one day fight alongside a prince?"
3 3 Unlocks level 3 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 500 "Hey, Prince, we're best buds now, right? So, uh, can I borrow a grand?"
4 4 Unlocks level 4 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 1,500 "Keep your eyes on the prize, Addam."
5 5 Unlocks level 5 of the Affinity Chart. Affinity bond will be easier to sustain. Increase Trust 4,500 "You know, Addam... It's not so bad, being part of your merry band."
Blade Special Espada 1 1 Reduces 20% of aggro toward user upon landing a hit
2 2 Reduces 25% of aggro toward user upon landing a hit Use Espada 10 "You've not grasped its full potential yet, Prince! Don't worry, it'll come."
3 3 Reduces 30% of aggro toward user upon landing a hit Defeat a Tonbre Rhogul in the Braying Canyon in Torna, etc. 2 "You gotta get some practice in!"
4 4 Reduces 35% of aggro toward user upon landing a hit Use Espada 20 "Not too shabby, right? Right?"
5 5 Reduces 40% of aggro toward user upon landing a hit Defeat a Tales Rapchor at Lake Wynn in Torna, etc. 3 "If only *he* saw me now... Hah, as if."
Ciclón 1 1 Increases damage dealt by 100% when HP is 90% or higher
2 2 Increases damage dealt by 110% when HP is 90% or higher Use Ciclón 5 "There's more there to play with, I can feel it..."
3 3 Increases damage dealt by 120% when HP is 90% or higher Defeat a Imba Lizard at Coolley Lake in Gormott, etc. 3 "I'm finally getting used to it."
4 4 Increases damage dealt by 130% when HP is 90% or higher Use Ciclón 15 "You can trust me more, you know! It's OK, I don't bite."
5 5 Increases damage dealt by 150% when HP is 90% or higher Defeat a Scribo Quadwing in the Hoary Weald in Gormott, etc. 2 "Finally, it's coming together."
Cruceta 1 1 Adds a 60% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack
2 2 Adds a 70% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack Use Cruceta 5 "Don't worry if you don't get it at first. All great works take time to mature."
3 3 Adds a 80% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack Defeat a Greetz Antol on the Great Breaksand in Torna, etc. 2 "Nice! Your breathing is coming along."
4 4 Adds a 90% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack Use Cruceta 10 "Cruceta claims more victims. Great."
5 5 Adds a 100% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack Defeat a Roose Blant at Turqos Plateau in Torna, etc. 2 ""I'll be sure to savor this feeling."
Battle Skill Santo 1 1 Increases damage dealt by 6% on every attack cancel (max: 250%)
2 2 Increases damage dealt by 7% on every attack cancel (max: 250%) Sell items to earn money 20,000G "We could make a mint like this."
3 3 Increases damage dealt by 8% on every attack cancel (max: 250%) Perform a Blade Combo 5 "This whole 'cooperation thing' is slowly coming back to me..."
4 4 Increases damage dealt by 9% on every attack cancel (max: 250%) Use specials to participate in a Chain Attack 15 "Use it to your advantage."
5 5 Increases damage dealt by 10% on every attack cancel (max: 250%) Finish off enemies 30 "You've got my support, Addam."
Medio 1 1 Reduces aggro build-up from attacks by 20% Defeat a Telah Riik on Olnard's Trail in Torna, etc. 3(?) "I've got you. Don't you worry."
2 2 Reduces aggro build-up from attacks by 25% Perform a Blade Combo 2 "Ahh... Yeah, that's a good one."
3 3 Reduces aggro build-up from attacks by 30% Deal a certain amount of total damage 100,000 "Let's move forward arm in arm."
4 4 Reduces aggro build-up from attacks by 35% Reach max. Affinity 10 "Now that's what I call a bond!"
5 5 Reduces aggro build-up from attacks by 40% Make every item that Minoth can craft 9 "Now, to build a stage... Ha, yeah, right.
Limpio 1 1 Increases damage by 60% when battling a boss or unique enemy
2 2 Increases damage by 70% when battling a boss or unique enemy Deal a critical hit 40 "Hey, Prince, did you see that?"
3 3 Increases damage by 80% when battling a boss or unique enemy Block an attack 10 "Considering my lack of practice, that was pretty good, I'd say."
4 4 Increases damage by 90% when battling a boss or unique enemy Participate in Driver Combos 20 "I'll do my part, I promise."
5 5 Increases damage by 100% when battling a boss or unique enemy Deal a critical hit 50 "You'll show me how you use it, won't you, Addam?"
Field Skill Entomology 1 1 Knowledge related to insect. Mainly helps gather items in the desert
2 2 Use Minoth's favorite pouch item, Exquisite Perfume 1 "Didn't think you'd guess my favorite!"
3 5 Collect items 50 "Greed is... Well, it's OK, sometimes."
Mining 1 1 The power to reveal objects buried in the earth. Or in sandy dunes. Or stone
2 3 Use Minoth's crafting skill (Previous instances count towards total) 5 "You didn't know I wrote plays? Haha, well I do! It's a great hobby, you know."
3 5 Discover Secret Areas (Previous instances count toward total) 3 "Our curiosity was rewarded!"


Torna ~ The Golden Country - Post-Battle Dialogue

Haze Haze "Blade combo, third stage!"
Lora Lora "Awesome!"
Minoth Minoth "Why does that sound so familiar?"
Minoth Minoth "You're quite the skilled woman at arms, Lora! Still not quite a match for my experience, though."
Lora Lora "Oh you think so, do you? I'm not gonna take that lying down. Come on! Arm wrestling time!"
Minoth Minoth "Arm wrestling?! N-no, thank you, that won't be necessary."
Minoth Minoth "Sorry about that. I wasn't paying enough attention."
Lora Lora "Don't worry yourself. We all make mistakes."
Addam Addam "Oh, diddums. Shall I kiss it better for you?"
Minoth Minoth "Stuff a sock in it, clown!"
Addam Addam "That was flashy as hell. Do that again, would you?"
Minoth Minoth "I don't see the need to show off without any eligible girls around."
Addam Addam "Oh Minoth, you're so dreamy. Could I have your autograph?~"
Minoth Minoth "Oh keep talking, funny man, you'll get what's coming to you!"
Lora Lora "Is everyone alright? No injuries?"
Minoth Minoth "Hmpf, do we really have the time to get all soft right now?"
Hugo_(TTGC) Hugo "He means "Thank you for your concern"."
Minoth Minoth "Hey, I can speak for myself, thank you very much."
Jin Jin "It looks like I'm on dinner duty tonight. Does anyone have any requests?"
Addam Addam "Meat!"
Minoth Minoth "Meat!"
Jin Jin "Understood. Let me consider our options."
Jin Jin "Ha. That's that then."
Minoth Minoth "You two work well together. Jin! You better hold on to a driver like her."
Jin Jin "Yes. I don't need you to tell me that."
Minoth Minoth "Travel truly broadens the mind. You get to see a side of yourself you might never have met otherwise."
Jin Jin "A new side of oneself… You think some interesting thoughts, Minoth."
Minoth Minoth "Nothing can ever happen twice. In consequence, and so on."
Minoth Minoth "Life has been bustling lately. We've become like one big family."
Addam Addam "You never have the time to feel lonely anymore!"
Minoth Minoth "Stop trying to make this weird for me."
Addam Addam "Ahah, I humbly apologize."
Minoth Minoth "The leading edge of History is less like a sword, and more like a bullet."
Brighid Brighid "I don't think I can take that lying down. Can you, Jin?"
Jin Jin "Doesn't matter. In any age, it's the wielder's skill, and skill alone, that really counts."
Minoth Minoth "Jin, Aegaeon! Shouldn't you be happier about our victories?"
Jin Jin "Ha."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "Hm…"
Minoth Minoth "Oh boy."
Haze Haze "Your Imperial Majesty, you carry yourself with such an elegance!"
Hugo_(TTGC) Hugo "If you had heard "The emperor does not slouch!" every day for eighteen years, you would carry yourself just as well."
Minoth Minoth "Unlike a certain prince I could but will not name?"
Minoth Minoth "Young Master Hugo, we're not going too fast for your young legs, are we?"
Hugo_(TTGC) Hugo "I'm perfectly fine! You do not need to worry about me."
Minoth Minoth "That's good to hear! Just let me know if the going gets tough."
Minoth Minoth "The bond between driver and Blade is some powerful stuff."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "I would gladly excel at any chores His Majesty would entrust me with."
Hugo_(TTGC) Hugo "Is… that what we're calling a bond now?"
Minoth Minoth "Aegaeon, you and your teammates are great at teamwork."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "Thank you, Master Minoth. You and your companions also moved as one."
Minoth Minoth "You- wha- Please tell me you're kidding."

Condition: After departure from the Militia Garrison
Addam Addam "You're really something, you know that, Jin? We really must spar, sometime. In fact, I insist."
Minoth Minoth "Everybody hates a nag friend. Isn't that right, Jin?"
Jin Jin "I wouldn't say "hate", exactly."
Addam Addam "It doesn't have to be right now, obviously. But it has to happen."
Condition: After Lora becomes a knight of Torna
Minoth Minoth "I'll have to jot down some notes on the last fight."
Haze Haze "Master Minoth, will we become characters in your new play?"
Minoth Minoth "Perhaps? But these are just some very rough sketches since I don't even have a stage to set it on yet."
Condition: After Lora becomes a knight of Torna
Addam Addam "Another stepping stone to victory."
Minoth Minoth "Alright, Addam, put that emotion into a song for us!"
Addam Addam "Ahem. ♪~Ooh, Torna, glorious Torna, the wounds I've borne for thee!~♪ Oh damn you Minoth, now it's stuck in my head!"
Minoth Minoth "At least now we know you can carry a tune, though!"
Condition: After Lora becomes a knight of Torna
Aegaeon Aegaeon "Minoth, did you see the way His Majesty prevailed in the last fight? Wasn't it quite… magnificent?"
Minoth Minoth "Hm, yeah, I suppose it was."
Aegaeon Aegaeon "Well, in that case…"
Minoth Minoth "In that case why don't I make him the protagonist of one of my plays, yes? Sure thing. I'll consider it. At least."


  • King Eulogimenos later mentions a Tantalese tome detailing Addam's heroics, written by one of Addam's companions. It is possible that Cole wrote this book.
  • All of Minoth's arts use Spanish names.
  • Cole (XC2) shares his English voice actor, Eric Meyers, with Sever. Minoth (TTGC)'s English voice actor, Trevor Dion Nicholas, is additionally credited with voicing "Soldiers".


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