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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Mission Enemies are Mission-related enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They must be defeated in order to complete a specific mission. Mission Enemies can be normal minor enemies as well as Tyrants. Defeating one or several specific enemies may be required in order to complete a Basic Mission. These requests may be ordered by an NPC, a Division, an Arms Manufacturer, etc.

Some Mission Enemies, such as Nemeses, are Mission Exclusive; they are one-of-a-kind and appear exclusively during a related Mission. They do not respawn after the objective set requesting their defeat has been completed.

List of Mission Enemies


Enemy Type Zone Mission Mission Type
Intimidator SimiusMi, ExPrimordiaWe Were SoldiersAffinity Mission
Matinal EvelloMi, ExPrimordiaRenewed WillAffinity Mission
Brume AuravisMi, ExPrimordiaRenewed WillAffinity Mission
Sailing GrexMi, ExPrimordiaA Day in the LifeAffinity Mission
Chasm ForfexMi, ExObliviaA Friend in NeedAffinity Mission
Fierce VigentMi, ExObliviaA Friend in NeedAffinity Mission
Qmoeva DividerMi, ExObliviaFoggy DilemmaAffinity Mission
Marnuck CrafterMi, ExObliviaFoggy DilemmaAffinity Mission
Marnuck AnalystMi, ExObliviaFoggy DilemmaAffinity Mission
Shallows GrexMi, ExPrimordiaNine LivesAffinity Mission
Greedy ForfexMi, ExPrimordiaNine LivesAffinity Mission
Arrow GermivoreMi, ExNoctilumClose ComradesAffinity Mission
Arrow CiniculaMi, ExNoctilumClose ComradesAffinity Mission
MarnuckMi, ExObliviaSpy GamesAffinity Mission
Alexa SpecialSBo, ExIndustrial DistrictWeaponizedAffinity Mission
Trump PapilMi, ExSylvalumWeaponizedAffinity Mission
Trump ArenatectMi, ExSylvalumWeaponizedAffinity Mission
Marnuck SoldierMi, ExNoctilumManhuntAffinity Mission
Marnuck CommanderMi, ExNoctilumManhuntAffinity Mission
GwinSBoIndustrial DistrictBoot CampAffinity Mission
Ga BuidheMi, ExObliviaA Challenger ApproachesAffinity Mission
Zo BorriMi, ExObliviaA Challenger ApproachesAffinity Mission
Zo FwarMi, ExObliviaA Challenger ApproachesAffinity Mission
Dimnet XiphiasMi, ExSylvalumNew in New LAAffinity Mission
Rotund CaroMi, ExSylvalumSoldier of the HarriersAffinity Mission
Stout CaroMi, ExSylvalumSoldier of the HarriersAffinity Mission
Tough BlattaMiPrimordiaArms and the ManAffinity Mission
Unyielding ForfexMi, ExObliviaArms and the ManAffinity Mission
Scout GaldrMi, ExNoctilumRapid MisfireAffinity Mission
Scout QmoevaMi, ExNoctilumRapid MisfireAffinity Mission
Demise IctusMi, ExPrimordiaThen and NowAffinity Mission
Gleaming SphinxMi, ExObliviaThen and NowAffinity Mission
Gaff PugilithMi, ExSylvalumBottoms UpAffinity Mission
Running SharkSBo, ExNoctilumMy DreamAffinity Mission
BLADE TrooperMiNoctilumMy DreamAffinity Mission
BLADE SniperMiNoctilumMy DreamAffinity Mission
Heinous BlattaMi, ExNoctilumThe Mad MonkAffinity Mission
Heinous ForfexMi, ExNoctilumThe Mad MonkAffinity Mission
Disaster VigentMi, ExPrimordiaThe Little Rich GirlAffinity Mission
Grudge TersqualMi, ExCauldrosTo Serve NoponAffinity Mission
Menacing MarnuckMi, ExPrimordiaBlitzkriegAffinity Mission
Gunner MarnuckMi, ExPrimordiaBlitzkriegAffinity Mission
Guard QmoevaMi, ExPrimordiaBlitzkriegAffinity Mission
Oc-serv YabarMi, ExObliviaA Great DivideAffinity Mission
Zealot GlennarMi, ExNoctilumBozé's WayAffinity Mission
Prone FighterMi, ExNoctilumBozé's WayAffinity Mission
Prone BoxMi, ExNoctilumThe King of FearAffinity Mission
Prone HearthkeeperMi, ExNoctilumThe King of FearAffinity Mission
Blood-king Gelvo BanthSBo, ExNoctilumThe King of FearAffinity Mission
ST816: StalioSBo, ExCauldrosBozé's IgnoranceAffinity Mission
Trigger ScintimureMi, ExCauldrosBozé's IgnoranceAffinity Mission
Marnuck Commander (Sylvalum)Mi, ExSylvalumReporting for DutyAffinity Mission
Marnuck Soldier (Sylvalum)Mi, ExSylvalumReporting for DutyAffinity Mission
Gale MilsaadiMi, ExObliviaYelv's PartnerAffinity Mission
Nameless CaladarMiCauldrosLionheartedAffinity Mission
Whimsical DuoguillMi, ExPrimordiaMyles to GoNormal Mission
Little SuidMiPrimordiaCity SaviorsNormal Mission
Big SuidMi, ExPrimordiaCity SaviorsNormal Mission
Devil MephiteMi, ExNoctilumData MinerNormal Mission
Quick EvelloMiPrimordiaThat's In-Credible!Normal Mission
Welkin AuravisMiPrimordiaThat's In-Credible!Normal Mission
Iron Femina SuidMiPrimordiaThat's In-Credible!Normal Mission
Jovial SaltatMi, ExNoctilumA Proper ChopperNormal Mission
Slab CiniculaMi, ExPrimordiaClose EncountersNormal Mission
Abyssal BlattaMi, ExPrimordiaClose EncountersNormal Mission
Wood TectinsulaMi, ExNoctilumAdventure!Normal Mission
Blitz BlattaMiNoctilumCertification Test 2Normal Mission
Shatskiff, the FlasherTyPrimordiaCertification Test 3Normal Mission
Giant GrexMiPrimordiaCertification Test 7Normal Mission
Falconine JaculMi, ExObliviaMighty MiaNormal Mission
BriggsSBo, ExPrimordiaThe Celeste ThreeNormal Mission
FosdykeSBo, ExPrimordiaThe Celeste ThreeNormal Mission
MoorehouseSBoi, ExPrimordiaThe Celeste ThreeNormal Mission
Rowdy PotamusMi, ExPrimordiaEmotion CommotionNormal Mission
Marnuck QuartermasterMi, ExNoctilumRescue at the Ensconced CitadelNormal Mission
Marnuck TrooperMi, ExNoctilumRescue at the Ensconced CitadelNormal Mission
Stagnant GrexMi, ExPrimordiaWater WoesNormal Mission
Stagnant TerebraMi, ExPrimordiaWater WoesNormal Mission
OdsentSBo, ExPrimordiaTraining DayNormal Mission
Napopon IncarnateSBo, ExObliviaThe Divine NopoponNormal Mission
Nipopon IncarnateSBo, ExCauldrosThe Divine NopoponNormal Mission
Nopopon IncarnateSBo, ExNoctilumThe Divine NopoponNormal Mission
Nupopon IncarnateSBo, ExSylvalumThe Divine NopoponNormal Mission
Imp LophidMi, ExPrimordiaHere Come the BridesNormal Mission
Purge PurgoventMi, ExNoctilumThe Voltant VisionaryNormal Mission
Vigil ForfexMi, ExPrimordiaThe Good ThiefNormal Mission
Bold CiniculaMi, ExPrimordiaCinicula AssaultNormal Mission
Buoyant PugilithMi, ExSylvalumIt's-a Mia!Normal Mission
LineageSBo, ExCauldrosAlex's Last StandNormal Mission
Impulse QmoevaMi, ExCauldrosAlex's Last StandNormal Mission
DV482: DuvelMi, ExCauldrosAlex's Last StandNormal Mission
Agile CaecusMi, ExNoctilumDodonga CaravanNormal Mission
Slovity PagusSBo, ExPrimordiaCavern CrushersNormal Mission
Armored SphinxMi, ExPrimordiaCavern CrushersNormal Mission
Marnuck ScoutMi, ExCauldrosUntil the EndNormal Mission
Phantom SeidrMi, ExCauldrosUntil the EndNormal Mission
Guard MonocerosMi, ExCauldrosMy Angel, My LanaNormal Mission
Intra MonocerosMi, ExSylvalumPredator and PreyNormal Mission
Oc-serv SeivoMi, ExSylvalumPredator and PreyNormal Mission
Definian PawnMi, ExSylvalumPredator and PreyNormal Mission
Bio VisigelMi, ExCauldrosGoing ViralNormal Mission
Brazen FalsaxumMi, ExNoctilumHouse CallNormal Mission
Dryland AuravisMi, ExNoctilumNo-show Nen'celegNormal Mission
Prone KeeperMi, ExObliviaThe Trading FloorNormal Mission
Prone Fighter (Oblivia)Mi, ExObliviaThe Trading FloorNormal Mission
Slovity PagusSBo, ExPrimordiaSlovity's RampageNormal Mission
JS178: JusheSBo, ExObliviaSun'celeg RisesNormal Mission
Jacul IreMi, ExSylvalumCastle in the SkyNormal Mission
Mortal JaculMi, ExPrimordiaThe Queen Is DeadNormal Mission
Queen JaculMi, ExCauldrosThe Queen Is DeadNormal Mission
Lowly TerebraMi, ExPrimordiaSetting ForthNormal Mission
DE913: DiearaSBo, ExPrimordiaAttack on Biahno HillsNormal Mission
Metal PugeMi, ExOblivia, SylvalumUnknown AssailantNormal Mission
Galdr RavenMi, ExSylvalumUnknown AssailantNormal Mission
Atropos PugeMi, ExCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
Clotho PugeMi, ExCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
Lachesis PugeMi, ExCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
TW772: TrinnMi, ExCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
Twin QmoevaSBo, ExCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
Cross QmoevaSBo, ExNoctilumFrontier SpiritNormal Mission
Raging CantorMi, ExPrimordiaLakeside GetawayNormal Mission
Ajoa CantorMi, ExPrimordiaLakeside GetawayNormal Mission
SG002: SlennaSBo, ExSylvalumGood FortunNormal Mission
Definian GuardMi, ExSylvalumGood FortunNormal Mission
Cliff GaldrMi, ExSylvalumGood FortunNormal Mission
LineageMi, ExObliviaShotgun DiplomacyNormal Mission
BLADE TrooperMi, ExObliviaShotgun DiplomacyNormal Mission
BLADE SniperMi, ExObliviaShotgun DiplomacyNormal Mission
Array InsidiaMi, ExNoctilumLone SurvivorsNormal Mission
Mist MilsaadiMi, ExSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Gale QmoevaMi, ExSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Milsaadi FateMi, ExSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Milsaadi FiniMi, ExSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Haze MilsaadiMi, ExSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Hungry AuravisMi, ExPrimordiaMuimui's MeltdownNormal Mission
Strong AuravisMi, ExPrimordiaMuimui's MeltdownNormal Mission
HarveySBo, ExSylvalumSpecial DeliveryNormal Mission
BLADE TrooperMi, ExSylvalumSpecial DeliveryNormal Mission
Faded NopopotamusMi, ExSylvalumSpecial DeliveryNormal Mission
Siphon QmoevaMi, ExObliviaA Dish Served ColdNormal Mission
Vanitas SeidrMi, ExObliviaA Dish Served ColdNormal Mission
Cunning SyloothMi, ExSylvalumTurf WarNormal Mission
Daunting SyloothMi, ExSylvalumTurf WarNormal Mission
AutosentryMi, ExPrimordiaHaywire!Normal Mission
Vanguard GlennarMi, ExObliviaKidnapped: Uzoma VassagoNormal Mission
Ajiba FalgoSBo, ExObliviaKidnapped: Oll ValdileoNormal Mission
Mujiba FalgoSBo, ExObliviaKidnapped: Rada ValdileoNormal Mission
Loda GoridaSBo, ExPrimordiaForbidden LoveNormal Mission
Prone Fighter (Primordia)Mi, ExPrimordiaForbidden LoveNormal Mission
Linker ScirpoMi, ExNoctilumThe Ultimate PriceNormal Mission
GusMi, ExNoctilumThe Ultimate PriceNormal Mission
BLADE Sniper (Rust Lake)Mi, ExNoctilumThe Ultimate PriceNormal Mission
Unruly PetramandMi, ExObliviaThe Ultimate PriceNormal Mission
HH100: HieranaSBo, ExCauldrosMia is Missing!Normal Mission
Dune AdseculaMi, ExObliviaA New LifeNormal Mission
Garuda JaculMi, ExObliviaA New LifeNormal Mission
Ga BewheSBo, ExPrimordiaGold RushNormal Mission
Marnuck LoaderMiPrimordiaLaw and OrdersNormal Mission
Guardian PugilithMiPrimordiaLaw and OrdersNormal Mission
Last GaldrMi, ExPrimordiaSnipe HuntNormal Mission
Marnuck HunterMi, ExSylvalumProfessorialNormal Mission
Dolba the WreckerSBo, ExSylvalumProfessorialNormal Mission
GaddSBo, ExSylvalumProfessorialNormal Mission
BLADE SniperMi, ExSylvalumProfessorialNormal Mission
Gu LadhaSBo, ExPrimordiaLend an EarNormal Mission
Ladha CaladarSBo, ExPrimordiaLend an EarNormal Mission
Grenade Pizza FSBo, ExObliviaMurder Most FoulNormal Mission
Grand LophidMi, ExPrimordiaThe Bug WhispererNormal Mission
Milsaadi LieutenantMi, ExNoctilumSlovity's RevengeNormal Mission
Master MilsaadiMi, ExObliviaSlovity's RevengeNormal Mission
BLADE SniperMi, ExPrimordiaAlien NationNormal Mission
BLADE SoldierMi, ExPrimordiaAlien NationNormal Mission
BLADE TrooperMi, ExPrimordiaAlien NationNormal Mission
Nectar ScirpoMiSylvalumSylvalum Trailblazing 2Normal Mission
Drove AdseculaMi, ExSylvalumThe Duel (Part III)Normal Mission
Gi ZangMi, ExSylvalumThe Duel (Part III)Normal Mission
Jacul RageMi, ExSylvalumThe Duel (Part III)Normal Mission
Tectonic PugeMi, ExCauldrosThe Duel (Part IV)Normal Mission
MO037: MooreSBo, ExCauldrosThe Duel (Part IV)Normal Mission
Bastion GlennarMi, ExNoctilumThe Art of WarNormal Mission
Blood DespairSBo, ExCauldrosRise of the Blood LobsterNormal Mission
MarnuckMi, ExObliviaPlans of AttackNormal Mission
Compulsive TaintedMi, ExNoctilumDead Men Tell No TalesNormal Mission
Marnuck CommanderMi, ExNoctilumDead Men Tell No TalesNormal Mission
Lightning StrikeSBo, ExSylvalumThe Line of FireNormal Mission
Dread BlattaMi, ExPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend A routeNormal Mission
Dread PetramandMi, ExPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend A routeNormal Mission
Dread CiniculaMi, ExPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend A routeNormal Mission
Blues BlattaMi, ExPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend B routeNormal Mission
Blues PetramandMi, ExPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend B routeNormal Mission
Blues CiniculaMi, ExPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend B routeNormal Mission
Telethia PlumeNe, ExNoctilumThe Planet's GuardianNemesis
Yggralith ZeroNe, ExCauldrosThe Final MenaceNemesis
Tourteau, the DelectableTyPrimordiaTourteau, the DelectableBasic Mission
Roderick, the Fleet-FootedTyPrimordiaRoderick, the Fleet-FootedBasic Mission
Brass SuidMiPrimordiaSuid SweepBasic Mission
Desdemona, the SubterraneanTyNoctilumDesdemona the SubterraneanBasic Mission
Archibolt, the RevolutionaryTyPrimordiaArchibolt, the RevolutionaryBasic Mission
Sirene, the LostTyPrimordiaSirene, the LostBasic Mission
Stray MephiteMiObliviaMephite MayhemBasic Mission
Melanya, the Sound SleeperTyObliviaMelanya, the Sound SleeperBasic Mission
Hephaestus, the AbsconderTyPrimordiaHephaestus, the AbsconderBasic Mission
Ludvik, the Picky EaterTyObliviaLudvik, the Picky EaterBasic Mission
Reaver AuravisMiPrimordiaPlucking AuravisesBasic Mission
Ferdinand, the FortuitousTyObliviaFerdinand, the FortuitousBasic Mission
Eliane, the UnmovedTyObliviaEliane, the UnmovedBasic Mission
Shinhwa, the SagaciousTyNoctilumShinhwa, the SagaciousBasic Mission
Sviatoslav, the ReproachfulTyObliviaSviatoslav, the ReproachfulBasic Mission
Sarcosuchus, the Iron-EaterTyNoctilumSarcosuchus, the Iron-EaterBasic Mission
Casper, the Unhealthy EaterTyPrimordiaCasper, the Unhealthy EaterBasic Mission
Lockhart, the Killer of HopeTySylvalumLockhart, the Killer of HopeBasic Mission
Si-el, the VacuousTyNoctilumSi-el, the VacuousBasic Mission
Edgardo, the CarefreeTyObliviaEdgardo, the CarefreeBasic Mission
Dobromila, the AlluringTySylvalumDobromila, the AlluringBasic Mission
Prinsipe, the RavenousTyCauldrosPrinsipe, the RavenousBasic Mission
Izgnanie, the SmolderingTyCauldrosIzgnanie, the SmolderingBasic Mission
Asana, the Azure StarTyCauldrosAsana, the Azure StarBasic Mission
Angelita, the Blade BouquetTyCauldrosAngelita, the Blade BouquetBasic Mission
Anselm, the TriumphantTyCauldrosAnselm, the TriumphantBasic Mission
Barnabas, the DespotTyObliviaBarnabas, the DespotBasic Mission
Bogdan, the DenseTyPrimordiaBogdan, the DenseBasic Mission
Caesar, the Hundred-EyedTyPrimordiaCaesar, the Hundred-EyedBasic Mission
Camille, the ImmortalTySylvalumCamille, the ImmortalBasic Mission
Candelario, the BronzeTySylvalumCandelario, the BronzeBasic Mission
Clemente, the Iron MeteorTyNoctilumClemente, the Iron MeteorBasic Mission
Coil, the Never-EndingTyCauldrosCoil, the Never-EndingBasic Mission
Dawid, the DestrierTyCauldrosDawid, the DestrierBasic Mission
Eddy, the Electric HeatTyCauldrosEddy, the Electric HeatBasic Mission
Eisen, the Ebon RockTyCauldrosEisen, the Ebon RockBasic Mission
Ernest, the ContemplativeTyObliviaErnest, the ContemplativeBasic Mission
Goliath, the StrongholdTySylvalumGoliath, the StrongholdBasic Mission
Hayreddin, the TerritorialTyPrimordiaHayreddin, the TerritorialBasic Mission
Lambert, the Divine WindTyNoctilumLambert, the Divine WindBasic Mission
Laurencio, the Fog BowTySylvalumLaurencio, the Fog BowBasic Mission
Mikulas, the KeystoneTySylvalumMikulas, the KeystoneBasic Mission
Ramus, the SupersonicTySylvalumRamus, the SupersonicBasic Mission
Silvestre, the Morning LightTyObliviaSilvestre, the Morning LightBasic Mission
Stola, the UnchainedTySylvalumStola, the UnchainedBasic Mission
Vainamo, the BellowerTyCauldrosVainamo, the BellowerBasic Mission
Vilem, the Gold-ScaledTyObliviaVilem, the Gold-ScaledBasic Mission
Vittorio, the Battle-ScarredTyObliviaVittorio, the Battle-ScarredBasic Mission
Vortice, the Deific BlastTyCauldrosVortice, the Deific BlastBasic Mission
Ya-rhat, the ThundercloudTyCauldrosYa-rhat, the ThundercloudBasic Mission
False ThallusMiNoctilumThinning the ThallusesBasic Mission
Terrible GermivoreMiNoctilumGermivores No MoreBasic Mission
Wasteland EvelloMiObliviaEvello EradicationBasic Mission
Sparrow AdseculaMiSylvalumAdsecula ExterminationBasic Mission
Spear InsidiaMiNoctilumArms Testers WantedBasic Mission
Terbium PetramandMiCauldrosPetramand Patrol (Terbium)Basic Mission
Blazing LophidMiCauldrosLaying Lophids Low (Blazing)Basic Mission
Ocean LophidMiPrimordiaLaying Lophids Low (Ocean)Basic Mission
Volkampf, the PursuerTyPrimordiaChapter 2Story Mission
Prone ScoutMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 3Story Mission
Prone RuffianMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 3Story Mission
GlennarMBoPrimordiaChapter 3Story Mission
Prone DestroyerMi, SENoctilumChapter 4Story Mission
Marnuck RookMi, SENoctilumChapter 4Story Mission
GoetiaMBoNoctilumChapter 4Story Mission
Targeter ZigMi, SEObliviaChapter 5Story Mission
Platoon QmoevaMi, SEObliviaChapter 5Story Mission
Chief QmoevaMBoObliviaChapter 5Story Mission
Tainted CaroMi, SENoctilumChapter 6Story Mission
Tainted SphinxMBoNoctilumChapter 6Story Mission
Assault QmoevaMi, SEObliviaChapter 7Story Mission
Pursuit QmoevaMi, SEObliviaChapter 7Story Mission
AlmandalMBoObliviaChapter 7Story Mission
Scout PugeMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Strike PugilithMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Assister QuoMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Blitz QmoevaMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Assault QmoevaMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Pursuit QmoevaMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
DagahnMBoCommercial DistrictChapter 8Story Mission
RyyzMBoCommercial DistrictChapter 8Story Mission
Ga JiargMBoSylvalumChapter 9Story Mission
Ga BuidheMBoSylvalumChapter 9Story Mission
Zu PhargMBoSylvalumChapter 10Story Mission
Force SeidrMi, SECauldrosChapter 11Story Mission
Prog AresMBoCauldrosChapter 11Story Mission
VitaMBoLifehold CoreChapter 12Story Mission
Soldier ChimeraMi, SELifehold CoreChapter 12Story Mission
LaoMBoLifehold CoreChapter 12Story Mission