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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.


The three enemies during The Celeste Three

Mission Exclusive Enemies are special enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are unique and appear exclusively during a related Mission. Most are also mission enemies, as they must be defeated to complete said mission. They can only be defeated once per playthrough, there are similar to the Quest Exclusive Enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles.

Due to the way the plot progresses, all Story Exclusive Enemies and Bosses from Chapter 3 onwards are also Mission Exclusive.

List of Mission Exclusive Enemies


Enemy Type Region Mission Mission Type
Intimidator SimiusMiPrimordiaWe Were SoldiersAffinity Mission
Matinal EvelloMiPrimordiaRenewed WillAffinity Mission
Brume AuravisMiPrimordiaRenewed WillAffinity Mission
Fighter GrexMiPrimordiaA Day in the LifeAffinity Mission
Sailing GrexMiPrimordiaA Day in the LifeAffinity Mission
Chasm ForfexMiObliviaA Friend in NeedAffinity Mission
Fierce VigentMiObliviaA Friend in NeedAffinity Mission
Qmoeva DividerMiObliviaFoggy DilemmaAffinity Mission
Marnuck CrafterMiObliviaFoggy DilemmaAffinity Mission
Marnuck AnalystMiObliviaFoggy DilemmaAffinity Mission
Shallows GrexMiPrimordiaNine LivesAffinity Mission
Greedy ForfexMiPrimordiaNine LivesAffinity Mission
Arrow GermivoreMiNoctilumClose ComradesAffinity Mission
Arrow CiniculaMiNoctilumClose ComradesAffinity Mission
MarnuckMiObliviaSpy GamesAffinity Mission
Bizarre InsidiaMiPrimordiaThe Ties That BindAffinity Mission
Alexa SpecialSBoIndustrial DistrictWeaponizedAffinity Mission
Trump PapilMiSylvalumWeaponizedAffinity Mission
Trump ArenatectMiSylvalumWeaponizedAffinity Mission
Marnuck SoldierMiNoctilumManhuntAffinity Mission
Marnuck CommanderMiNoctilumManhuntAffinity Mission
GwinSBoIndustrial DistrictBoot CampAffinity Mission
Ga BuidheMiObliviaA Challenger ApproachesAffinity Mission
Zo BorriMiObliviaA Challenger ApproachesAffinity Mission
Zo FwarMiObliviaA Challenger ApproachesAffinity Mission
Dimnet XiphiasMiSylvalumNew in New LAAffinity Mission
Unyielding ForfexMiObliviaArms and the ManAffinity Mission
Rotund CaroMiSylvalumSoldier of the HarriersAffinity Mission
Stout CaroMiSylvalumSoldier of the HarriersAffinity Mission
Scout GaldrMiNoctilumRapid MisfireAffinity Mission
Scout QmoevaMiNoctilumRapid MisfireAffinity Mission
Demise IctusMiPrimordiaThen and NowAffinity Mission
Gleaming SphinxMiObliviaThen and NowAffinity Mission
Telethia, the EndbringerMiNoctilumThe Nopon HeirAffinity Mission
Gaff PugilithMiSylvalumBottoms UpAffinity Mission
Running SharkSBoNoctilumMy DreamAffinity Mission
BLADE TrooperMiNoctilumMy DreamAffinity Mission
BLADE SniperMiNoctilumMy DreamAffinity Mission
Heinous BlattaMiNoctilumThe Mad MonkAffinity Mission
Heinous ForfexMiNoctilumThe Mad MonkAffinity Mission
Disaster VigentMiPrimordiaThe Little Rich GirlAffinity Mission
Grudge TersqualMiCauldrosTo Serve NoponAffinity Mission
Menacing MarnuckMiPrimordiaBlitzkrieg A routeAffinity Mission
Marnuck GunnerMiPrimordiaBlitzkriegAffinity Mission
Guard QmoevaMiPrimordiaBlitzkrieg A routeAffinity Mission
Assault GaldrMiPrimordiaBlitzkrieg A routeAffinity Mission
Marnuck VanMiPrimordiaBlitzkrieg B routeAffinity Mission
Assault PugeMiPrimordiaBlitzkrieg B routeAffinity Mission
Shield GaldrMiPrimordiaBlitzkrieg B routeAffinity Mission
Tower QmoevaMiPrimordiaBlitzkrieg B routeAffinity Mission
Oc-serv YabarMiObliviaA Great DivideAffinity Mission
Zealot GlennarMiNoctilumBozé's WayAffinity Mission
Prone FighterMiNoctilumBozé's WayAffinity Mission
Prone BoxMiNoctilumThe King of FearAffinity Mission
Prone HearthkeeperMiNoctilumThe King of FearAffinity Mission
Blood-king Gelvo BanthSBoNoctilumThe King of FearAffinity Mission
ST816: StalioSBoCauldrosBozé's IgnoranceAffinity Mission
Trigger ScintimureMiCauldrosBozé's IgnoranceAffinity Mission
Marnuck Commander (Sylvalum)MiSylvalumReporting for DutyAffinity Mission
Marnuck Soldier (Sylvalum)MiSylvalumReporting for DutyAffinity Mission
Gale MilsaadiMiObliviaYelv's PartnerAffinity Mission
Nameless CaladarMiCauldrosLionheartedAffinity Mission
ColubrimMiObliviaMia Grows UpAffinity Mission
Hardy ApricaMiCauldrosA Present for HopeAffinity Mission
Corpse SacrifoleMiCauldrosA Present for HopeAffinity Mission
Whimsical DuoguillMiPrimordiaMyles to GoNormal Mission
Big SuidMiPrimordiaCity SaviorsNormal Mission
Devil MephiteMiNoctilumData MinerNormal Mission
Jovial SaltatMiNoctilumA Proper ChopperNormal Mission
Wood TectinsulaMiNoctilumAdventure!Normal Mission
Falconine JaculMiObliviaMighty MiaNormal Mission
Slab CiniculaMiPrimordiaClose EncountersNormal Mission
Abyssal BlattaMiPrimordiaClose EncountersNormal Mission
BriggsSBoPrimordiaThe Celeste ThreeNormal Mission
FosdykeSBoPrimordiaThe Celeste ThreeNormal Mission
MoorehouseSBoPrimordiaThe Celeste ThreeNormal Mission
Rowdy PotamusMiPrimordiaEmotion CommotionNormal Mission
Marnuck QuartermasterMiNoctilumRescue at the Ensconced CitadelNormal Mission
Marnuck TrooperMiNoctilumRescue at the Ensconced CitadelNormal Mission
Stagnant GrexMiPrimordiaWater WoesNormal Mission
Stagnant TerebraMiPrimordiaWater WoesNormal Mission
OdsentSBoPrimordiaTraining DayNormal Mission
Napopon IncarnateSBoObliviaThe Divine NopoponNormal Mission
Nipopon IncarnateSBoCauldrosThe Divine NopoponNormal Mission
Nopopon IncarnateSBoNoctilumThe Divine NopoponNormal Mission
Nupopon IncarnateSBoSylvalumThe Divine NopoponNormal Mission
Bold CiniculaMiPrimordiaCinicula AssaultNormal Mission
Buoyant PugilithMiSylvalumIt's-a Mia!Normal Mission
LineageSBoCauldrosAlex's Last StandNormal Mission
Impulse QmoevaMiCauldrosAlex's Last StandNormal Mission
DV482: DuvelMiCauldrosAlex's Last StandNormal Mission
Agile CaecusMiNoctilumDodonga CaravanNormal Mission
Slovity PagusSBoPrimordiaCavern CrushersNormal Mission
Armored SphinxMiPrimordiaCavern CrushersNormal Mission
Marnuck ScoutMiCauldrosUntil the EndNormal Mission
Phantom SeidrMiCauldrosUntil the EndNormal Mission
Guard MonocerosMiCauldrosMy Angel, My LanaNormal Mission
Intra MonocerosMiSylvalumPredator and PreyNormal Mission
Oc-serv SeivoMiSylvalumPredator and PreyNormal Mission
Definian PawnMiSylvalumPredator and PreyNormal Mission
Imp LophidMiPrimordiaHere Come the BridesNormal Mission
Purge PurgoventMiNoctilumThe Voltant VisionaryNormal Mission
Vigil ForfexMiPrimordiaThe Good ThiefNormal Mission
Bio VisigelMiCauldrosGoing ViralNormal Mission
Brazen FalsaxumMiNoctilumHouse CallNormal Mission
Parched TerebraMiNoctilumNo-show Nen'celegNormal Mission
Dryland AuravisMiNoctilumNo-show Nen'celegNormal Mission
Prone KeeperMiObliviaThe Trading FloorNormal Mission
Prone Fighter (Oblivia)MiObliviaThe Trading FloorNormal Mission
Slovity PagusSBoPrimordiaSlovity's RampageNormal Mission
JS178: JusheSBoObliviaSun'celeg RisesNormal Mission
Jacul IreMiSylvalumCastle in the SkyNormal Mission
Mortal JaculMiPrimordiaThe Queen Is DeadNormal Mission
Queen JaculMiCauldrosThe Queen Is DeadNormal Mission
Lowly TerebraMiPrimordiaSetting ForthNormal Mission
DE913: DiearaSBoPrimordiaAttack on Biahno HillsNormal Mission
Metal PugeMiOblivia, SylvalumUnknown AssailantNormal Mission
Galdr RavenMiSylvalumUnknown AssailantNormal Mission
Atropos PugeMiCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
Clotho PugeMiCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
Lachesis PugeMiCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
TW772: TrinnMiCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
Twin QmoevaSBoCauldrosRites of RuinNormal Mission
Cross QmoevaSBoNoctilumFrontier SpiritNormal Mission
Raging CantorMiPrimordiaLakeside GetawayNormal Mission
Ajoa CantorMiPrimordiaLakeside GetawayNormal Mission
SG002: SlennaSBoSylvalumGood FortunNormal Mission
Definian GuardMiSylvalumGood FortunNormal Mission
Cliff GaldrMiSylvalumGood FortunNormal Mission
LineageMiObliviaShotgun DiplomacyNormal Mission
BLADE TrooperMiObliviaShotgun DiplomacyNormal Mission
BLADE SniperMiObliviaShotgun DiplomacyNormal Mission
Array InsidiaMiNoctilumLone SurvivorsNormal Mission
Mist MilsaadiMiSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Gale QmoevaMiSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Milsaadi FateMiSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Milsaadi FiniMiSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Haze MilsaadiMiSylvalumWhite LifeholdNormal Mission
Hungry AuravisMiPrimordiaMuimui's MeltdownNormal Mission
Strong AuravisMiPrimordiaMuimui's MeltdownNormal Mission
Enforcer GlennarMiObliviaProne Sweet ProneNormal Mission
HarveySBoSylvalumSpecial DeliveryNormal Mission
BLADE TrooperMiSylvalumSpecial DeliveryNormal Mission
Faded NopopotamusMiSylvalumSpecial DeliveryNormal Mission
Siphon QmoevaMiObliviaA Dish Served ColdNormal Mission
Vanitas SeidrMiObliviaA Dish Served ColdNormal Mission
Cunning SyloothMiSylvalumTurf WarNormal Mission
Daunting SyloothMiSylvalumTurf WarNormal Mission
AutosentryMiPrimordiaHaywire!Normal Mission
Vanguard GlennarMiObliviaKidnapped: Uzoma VassagoNormal Mission
Ajiba FalgoSBoObliviaKidnapped: Oll ValdileoNormal Mission
Mujiba FalgoSBoObliviaKidnapped: Rada ValdileoNormal Mission
Loda GoridaSBoPrimordiaForbidden LoveNormal Mission
Prone Fighter (Primordia)MiPrimordiaForbidden LoveNormal Mission
Linker ScirpoMiNoctilumThe Ultimate PriceNormal Mission
GusMiNoctilumThe Ultimate PriceNormal Mission
BLADE Sniper (Rust Lake)MiNoctilumThe Ultimate PriceNormal Mission
Unruly PetramandMiObliviaThe Ultimate PriceNormal Mission
HH100: HieranaSBoCauldrosMia is Missing!Normal Mission
Dune AdseculaMiObliviaA New LifeNormal Mission
Garuda JaculMiObliviaA New LifeNormal Mission
Ga BewheSBoPrimordiaGold RushNormal Mission
Last GaldrMiPrimordiaSnipe HuntNormal Mission
Marnuck HunterMiSylvalumProfessorialNormal Mission
Dolba the WreckerSBoSylvalumProfessorialNormal Mission
GaddSBoSylvalumProfessorialNormal Mission
BLADE SniperMiSylvalumProfessorialNormal Mission
Gu LadhaSBoPrimordiaLend an EarNormal Mission
Ladha CaladarSBoPrimordiaLend an EarNormal Mission
Grenade Pizza FSBoObliviaMurder Most FoulNormal Mission
Brute MillepodMiCauldrosThe Unbreakable SwordNormal Mission
Grand LophidMiPrimordiaThe Bug WhispererNormal Mission
Milsaadi LieutenantMiNoctilumSlovity's RevengeNormal Mission
Master MilsaadiMiObliviaSlovity's RevengeNormal Mission
BLADE SniperMiPrimordiaAlien NationNormal Mission
BLADE SoldierMiPrimordiaAlien NationNormal Mission
BLADE TrooperMiPrimordiaAlien NationNormal Mission
Drove AdseculaMiSylvalumThe Duel (Part III)Normal Mission
Gi ZangMiSylvalumThe Duel (Part III)Normal Mission
Jacul RageMiSylvalumThe Duel (Part III)Normal Mission
Tectonic PugeMiCauldrosThe Duel (Part IV)Normal Mission
MO037: MooreSBoCauldrosThe Duel (Part IV)Normal Mission
Bastion GlennarMiNoctilumThe Art of WarNormal Mission
Prone FighterMiNoctilumThe Art of WarNormal Mission
Blood DespairSBoCauldrosRise of the Blood LobsterNormal Mission
MarnuckMiObliviaPlans of AttackNormal Mission
Compulsive TaintedMiNoctilumDead Men Tell No TalesNormal Mission
Marnuck CommanderMiNoctilumDead Men Tell No TalesNormal Mission
Lightning StrikeSBoSylvalumThe Line of FireNormal Mission
Subdued ArenatectMiSylvalumThe Line of FireNormal Mission
Dread BlattaMiPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend A routeNormal Mission
Dread PetramandMiPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend A routeNormal Mission
Dread CiniculaMiPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend A routeNormal Mission
Bruiser BlattaMiPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend B routeNormal Mission
Bruiser PetramandMiPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend B routeNormal Mission
Bruiser CiniculaMiPrimordiaAn Ancient Legend B routeNormal Mission
Telethia PlumeNeNoctilumThe Planet's GuardianNemesis
Yggralith ZeroNeCauldrosThe Final MenaceNemesis
Volkampf, the PursuerTy, SEPrimordiaChapter 2Story Mission
Prone ScoutMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 3Story Mission
Prone RuffianMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 3Story Mission
GlennarMBoPrimordiaChapter 3Story Mission
Prone DestroyerMi, SENoctilumChapter 4Story Mission
Marnuck RookMi, SENoctilumChapter 4Story Mission
GoetiaMBoNoctilumChapter 4Story Mission
Targeter ZigMi, SEObliviaChapter 5Story Mission
Platoon QmoevaMi, SEObliviaChapter 5Story Mission
Chief QmoevaMBoObliviaChapter 5Story Mission
Tainted CaroMi, SENoctilumChapter 6Story Mission
Tainted SphinxMBoNoctilumChapter 6Story Mission
Assault QmoevaMi, SEObliviaChapter 7Story Mission
Pursuit QmoevaMi, SEObliviaChapter 7Story Mission
AlmandalMBoObliviaChapter 7Story Mission
Scout PugeMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Strike PugilithMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Assister QuoMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Blitz QmoevaMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Assault QmoevaMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
Pursuit QmoevaMi, SEPrimordiaChapter 8Story Mission
DagahnMBoCommercial DistrictChapter 8Story Mission
RyyzMBoCommercial DistrictChapter 8Story Mission
Ga JiargMBoSylvalumChapter 9Story Mission
Ga BuidheMBoSylvalumChapter 9Story Mission
Wrothian EnacterMBoSylvalumChapter 9Story Mission
Wrothian SneakerMBoSylvalumChapter 9Story Mission
CaladarSBoSylvalumChapter 9Story Mission
Deva CaladarSBoSylvalumChapter 9Story Mission
VasaraMBoSylvalumChapter 9Story Mission
Zu PhargMBoSylvalumChapter 10Story Mission
Force SeidrMi, SECauldrosChapter 11Story Mission
Prog AresMBoCauldrosChapter 11Story Mission
VitaMBoLifehold CoreChapter 12Story Mission
Soldier ChimeraMi, SELifehold CoreChapter 12Story Mission
Minor ChimeraSBo, SELifehold CoreChapter 12Story Mission
Mezzo ChimeraSBo, SELifehold CoreChapter 12Story Mission
Major ChimeraSBo, SELifehold CoreChapter 12Story Mission
LaoMBoLifehold CoreChapter 12Story Mission


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