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Moimoi is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is a member of the Curators Division, and can be found next to his brother Muimui south of the BLADE Tower in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles after BFFs is completed. After Setting Forth and Chapter 9 have both been completed, he moves next to the elevator platform near the West Gate in the Industrial District.


After the Dodonga and Dorian Caravans sign friendship treaties with New Los Angeles, Moimoi and his brother move to NLA and join BLADE in hopes of becoming rich.

During Setting Forth, Moimoi invents a Legen-dar to locate legendary (and valuable) objects, and is swallowed by a Terebra while testing it. He manages to escape but loses the Legen-dar, and asks the party to either recover it or donate funds so he can build a replacement. Once this is done, his brother sets out with the Legen-dar and Infinigoggles to search for the Sword of Legendaryness while Moimoi remains in NLA to await his return.

In Muimui's Meltdown, Moimoi has received an SOS from his brother and asks Cross to rescue him from a pack of Auravises. When Muimui is rescued and returns triumphantly with his prize, but Moimoi identifies it as a toy sword rather than the legendary sword they were seeking.

In Bread and a Circus, a starving Moimoi requests Cross to bring the last piece of bread to save Muimui in Oblivia. Upon his brother's return, he revealed that he saved the last piece of bread for Muimui despite his own starvation.

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