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Shulk with Monado

Shulk using Monado Buster

Monado Buster is one of Shulk's Monado arts in Xenoblade Chronicles. When activated, it generates a long glowing blade, allowing Shulk to cut enemies from a distance. The damage is doubled if inflicted on Mechon.

Dunban is able to perform this art while he has the Monado, during both the Battle of Sword Valley and the Mechon raid on Colony 9.


Art Level AP Cost Power
1 - 2.50
2 520 3.00
3 1040 3.50
4 2080 4.00
5 4160 4.50
6 6240 5.00
7 9360 5.50
8 13,520 6.00
9 18,720 6.50
10 24,960 7.00

In the Super Smash Bros. series

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Monado Arts, Shulk's Neutral Special, allows Shulk to use five different Arts that increase and decrease his traits for a short period. One art is called Buster, but it is far different from the original Monado Buster. This version of Buster greatly increases Shulk's damage output while reducing dealt knockback and slightly increasing taken damage. While it hampers Shulk's KO potential, the reduced knockback can allow for highly-damaging combos. The shade of purple used to represent the art, plus the fact that it increases damage as opposed to directly attacking, makes it more reminiscent to Enchant.

In Project X Zone 2

In Project X Zone 2, Fiora uses her own version of Monado Buster in a combined attack with KOS-MOS performing Floral Tempest.


  • When Dunban uses this art in the Battle of Sword Valley prologue, the blade's length appears to be much longer, possibly due to his immense strength.
  • The symbol that appears on the Monado when Monado Buster is activated is the kanji "斬", which literally means "to slash (a living being)".
  • Shulk's Level III Blade Special in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is named Monado Buster as a reference to his art. It hits enemies in a line and has a 60-100% chance to annul enemy defense, depending on his Affinity Chart.


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