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"You're not invincible. Monado Enchant!"
— Shulk

Monado Enchant is one of Shulk's Monado arts in Xenoblade Chronicles. It grants an Enchant aura to all battle party members, enabling them to damage Mechon with normal weapons, and increasing the damage inflicted on Mechon by Auto-Attacks.

Dunban is able to use this art while he has the Monado, during the Battle of Sword Valley prologue and the Mechon raid on Colony 9.

In Future Connected, Monado Enchant is not available to Shulk, due to the complete lack of Mechon.


Art Level AP Cost Auto-attack
Effect Duration
1 - 50 50.0 sec
2 380 100 60.0 sec
3 760 150 70.0 sec
4 1,520 200 80.0 sec
5 3,040 250 90.0 sec
6 4,560 300 100.0 sec
7 6,840 350 110.0 sec
8 9,880 400 120.0 sec
9 13,680 450 130.0 sec
10 18,240 500 140.0 sec
※ Increased auto-attack damage against Mechon

Miscellaneous Info

  • Additional damage does not generate aggro.
  • Shulk's AI will use this art when fighting Mechon.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Monado Enchant is a passive ability on Shulk's affinity chart in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which increases damage dealt by the party by 20% to 40% when at max affinity, the percentage depends on his affinity chart.


  • The symbol that appears on the Monado when Monado Enchant is activated is the kanji "機", which literally means "machine". This symbol also appears on the Monado when the Monado is activated.
  • Although Monado Enchant in unavailable in Future Connected, Shulk is depicted in one cutscene using a variant of this art which acts as a Hilbert Effect allowing the party to damage the Fog King.
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Monado Enchant is the only one of Shulk's Monado arts from Xenoblade Chronicles to not have its symbol appear at all during gameplay, despite Monado Enchant being one of Shulk's Battle Skills.