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Monado Purge

The symbol on the Monado during Monado Purge

Monado Purge is one of Shulk's Monado arts in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is known as Monado Breaker (モナドブレイカー) in the Japanese version. The colour of the blade turns light green upon activation. Ether particles are charged onto the blade, allowing Shulk to send a wave of Ether particles to the enemy from afar. This art will inflict the enemy with Aura Seal, which removes any active auras and temporarily blocks the enemy's spike and aura activation abilities. It also inflicts Damage which is calculated based on Shulk's current Ether strength and the art's multiplier.


Art Level AP Cost Power Effect Duration
1 - 2.00 10.0 seconds
2 380 2.17 10.5 seconds
3 760 2.34 11.0 seconds
4 1,520 2.51 11.5 seconds
5 3,040 2.68 12.0 seconds
6 4,560 2.85 12.5 seconds
7 6,840 3.02 13.0 seconds
8 9,880 3.19 13.5 seconds
9 13,680 3.36 14.0 seconds
10 18,240 3.53 14.5 seconds

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U


In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Shulk's Neutral Special, Monado Arts, allows him to use an Art called "Jump". This increases Shulk's jump heights, fall speed, air speed, and the height of Air Slash, but increases the damage he receives. Monado Jump is unique to Super Smash Bros., but appears to be based on Monado Purge. Shulk jumps into the air when using Purge in Xenoblade Chronicles, hence Jump's improved jumping ability, and the two Arts use an identical shade of green.

An advanced combo in Super Smash Bros., making use of Monado Jump, has been dubbed "Monado Purge" by players. After using an up throw with Monado Jump active, Shulk can jump high enough to force the opponent into a 50-50 situation using his up aerial. With the opponent at around 60-120% (depending on certain factors), this combo will KO if successful.


  • Shulk learns this art during the confrontation with the Telethia at the Lakeside in Makna Forest.
  • The symbol that appears on the Monado when Monado Purge is activated is the kanji "破", which means destroy/break/rend. In the Japanese version, this art is described as a Monado's shock wave destroying/breaking the aura (of the enemy).
  • Shulk's Level I Blade Special in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is named Monado Purge as a reference to his art. It removes Elemental Awakening auras, which stops the enemy doing as much damage, with a 60-100% success chance depending on his Affinity Chart.


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