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Mystery Launch Codes is a DLC Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is part of the New Quests Pack 4 of the Expansion Pass. It can be received from an Ancient tablet in the Wall Power Control Room of the Land of Morytha after Chapter 10. Adenine's Lv 5 Extra-Ancient Wisdom and Lv 9 Keen Eye Field Skills are required to receive the quest.


  1. "Defeat the Stopper Sovereigns in the Land of Morytha to obtain the codes." (2)
  2. "Input the code at the ancient tablets within the Wall Power Control Room in the Land of Morytha."
  3. "Input the code at the Data Processing Room in the World Tree."
    • Requires Mental Arithmetic Lv3.
  4. "Investigate the area of Lv. 3, Alioth in the World Tree."
  5. "Defeat the Nameless Sentinel by Lv. 3, Alioth inside the World Tree."


"The launch codes activated the most powerful guardian at the World Tree. Even KOS-MOS seemed exasperated. (DLC Quest)"

Unlock Item

As with all quests obtained from the Expansion Pass, the quest will only appear after the corresponding Key Item is collected from the menu.

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