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Narine (Japanese: ネリネ, Nerine) is a Homs in Xenoblade Chronicles. She lives in Colony 9, and can be found in the Residential District, southwest of Tranquil Square. She is Françoise's daughter. She really likes Shulk, and gets in an argument about it with Paola, who prefers Reyn.



Item Affinity Value
Small Scale 1
Broken Pincer ☆1
Regnas Leggings (0 slots) ☆1
White Beetle ☆3
Lucky Skeeter Wing Overtrade +1,510 G


Affinity Link

If talked to after Paola over the argument over who is better, Reyn or Shulk, the two will gain an Affinity Link.

NarineAffinity-bar Affinity bar orange Affinity-barPaola
Narine Rivals Paola


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