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Aqua Nebula

Aqua Nebula

A Nebula (Japanese: ネブラ) is a species of monster in Xenoblade Chronicles, and includes Novae which are quest-exclusive. They are cloud-like, gaseous enemies made of pure ether found on Bionis' Leg, outside Colony 6, in Makna Forest, at Eryth Sea, on Valak Mountain, in the Bionis' Interior, and on Prison Island. The most powerful Nebula is the Bagrus Nebula at level 96. All Nebulae have a very high resistance to physical attacks which reduces damage by 80%.


All normal Nebulae and Novae have a self-destruct art which they use when low on health. The resulting explosion inflicts Instant Death on the Nebula, and inflicts Blow-Down, damage, and a Debuff to all party members within range.

A Nebula which self-destructs does not drop a Treasure Chest. The Nebula's self-destruction can be prevented by inflicting Sleep or killing the Nebula while it is preparing to self-destruct. A Chain Attack will delay the Nebula's self-destruction, but will not prevent self-destruction unless the Nebula is killed by the chain attack.

Unique Nebulae such as Moonlight Paimon do not self-destruct. Instead their Talent Arts inflict HP Down on the Nebula while inflicting Blow-Down, damage, and a Debuff to the party.


Each colour of Nebula is associated with a specific element. Additionally, the Ether Crystals dropped by each colour of Nebula are named after a planet.

Colour Element Planet
Blue Water Saturn
Cyan Ice Venus
Green Wind Uranus
Orange Earth Mercury
Red Fire Mars
Yellow Electric Jupiter

Types of Nebulae

Normal Minor Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters


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