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Nelo (Japanese: ネロ, Nero) is a Nopon NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles. He has a fondness for drink and Highmore Caviar. He is a member of Alcamoth's Secret Club, and owns several Secret Club Cards, needed to be allowed entry. Nelo can be found near the base of the southern escalator, southeast of the Fountain of Hope in Alcamoth. After the events at the Mechonis Core, he can be found in Frontier Village, just before the Nopon Tower on the entry bridge from 19:00 till 3:00.


Trade (Alcamoth)

Item Affinity Value
Swep Leggings (0 slots) 1
Dilemma Rock ☆2
Poison Plus III ☆2
Ha Ha Ha ☆3
Squall Element ☆3
Poison Plus IV ☆5
Sky Rod (1 slot) ☆5
Chipped Talon Overtrade +720 G

Trade (Frontier Village)

Item Affinity Value
Nopon Bottoms (1 slot) 1
Eks Iron Heart ☆2
Gravel Disk ☆3
Poison Attack III ☆3
Poison Attack IV ☆4
Frigus Striker (0 slots) ☆4
Hode Plank Overtrade +1,740 G



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