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Telethia Plume

The Telethia Plume, a Nemesis

Nemeses are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X that have very high stats and potentially unique skills, comparable to Superbosses in other games. Nemeses have higher stats than Tyrants. Only two Nemeses are known, both Ultrafauna.

They are fought during Squad Missions with a strict time limit. These battles require thorough personal and Squad team preparations for both characters and Skells. They have relatively low HP but can have millions of lives, represented by RP. At the end of the mission, the Nemesis's remaining RP is reported to a server and is carried over to the next player who fights it. This goes on until it flees, or all RP has been drained and rewards are handed out. The rewards can be used in item crafting.

Nemeses have unique names and there is only one of each of these monsters in the world. Nemeses are similar to Superbosses from Xenoblade Chronicles.

List of Nemeses

Name Level Zone Squad Mission
Telethia Plume 30 Noctilum The Planet's Guardian
Yggralith Zero 60 Cauldros The Final Menace
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