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Nene (Japanese: ネネ) is a playable character in Future Connected, the epilogue extension of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. She is a Nopon, daughter of Riki and Oka and adoptive older sister to Kino.


Nene looks after Kino like a mother. She appears to be the most responsible of Riki's children, as she was the one who helped shoulder her mother's workload while Riki was busy with Heropon duties. Despite being young and cute, she is very reliable and is a powerful fighter, although also experiences a fear of tree-climbing due to an accident when she was younger.


Nene is a teen Nopon with pink fur, pink hair with pale canary yellow highlights held into two pigtails by cherry red bows, and brown eyes. She wields a wooden flat bat weapon and wears a silver shield on her chest over a red, white, and light blue dress.


Nene is present as a littlepon when Shulk and party stop at Frontier Village and meet Riki and his family, although she is not identified until she mentions it much later to Shulk in "All Grown Up" on the Bionis' Shoulder.

One year later, Nene spots her adoptive younger brother Kino in Colony 9 eavesdropping on Shulk and Melia's plan to retake Alcamoth. When Kino goes to stowaway on the Junks, Nene follows out of concern for his safety. A crash landing forces them to fight off monsters and blow their cover to Shulk and Melia. The two are allowed to journey with them. As they go on their adventure, Nene bonds with the rest of the party and helps them defeat the Fog King.

In battle

Nene has the same Arts as Reyn thus acts mainly as a tank, being able to easily attract the aggro of enemies and the ability to wield heavy armour and defense increasing weapons.


  • Glad Taunt.png Glad Taunt - [Talent Art] Temporarily increases a single enemy's aggro towards Nene.
  • Bone Upper Icon.png Bone Upper - Damages a single enemy and fills talent gauge.
  • Hammer Beat Icon.png Hammer Beat - Damages enemies in a circle around the target and increases their aggro.
  • Weapon Topple Icon.png Mild Down - Topples an enemy suffering from break and deals some damage.
  • Rage Icon.png Hangry - Lowers phys. damage taken, causes Spike damage twice the amount of Nene's ether stat, decreases attack power, fills talent gauge over time. [Aura]
  • Aura Burst Icon.png Aura Toast - Only available while an aura is active, reduces enemy strength and generates aggro.
  • War Swing Icon.png Feather Swing - Damages enemies in a circle around the user and fills talent gauge.
  • Guard Shift Icon.png Guard Sift - Increases block chance to 100% for the duration but inhibits auto-attack and movement. Use again to de-activate.
  • Engage Icon.png Engage - Forces a single enemy to lock on and increases aggro generated by Glad Taunt for the duration. [Aura]
  • Sword Drive Icon.png Sword Drive - Deals large amounts of damage.
  • Berserker Icon.png Berserker - Auto-attack and Glad Taunt gain area effect, decreases defense but increases strength. [Aura]
  • Last Stand Icon.png Last Stand - Revives once if incapacitated during the duration, heals and fills Party Gauge. [Aura]
  • Shield Bash Icon.png Shield Kersmash - Dazes a toppled enemy.
  • Dive Sobat Icon.png Chive Sobat - Causes paralysis, decreases agility when used after Bone Upper.
  • Magnum Charge Icon.png Magnum Starch - Only usable with maxed talent gauge, multiplies next art's damage.
  • Anchor Chain Icon.png Anchor Chain - Blocks knock-back and blow-down, increases aggro over time, prevents aggro loss when Nene receives damage.
  • Lariat Icon.png Lariat - Damages enemies in a frontal cone and fills talent gauge.