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The Network Console is a usable terminal in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is located in a circular room in the northern part of BLADE Barracks.

The console provides access to a variety of Network functions, many of which require an Internet connection.

Network Console Main Menu

The main menu of the Network Console has seven options:

  • Active Missions
  • Squad Missions
  • Time Attack Missions
  • Support Missions
  • Global Nemesis Battle Spoils
  • Use Reward Tickets
  • Division Activity

Active Missions

When another squad member is recruiting for a mission, selecting this option displays available missions.

Squad Missions

Selecting this option displays any available Squad Missions. When they are available, the two Global Nemesis missions are displayed here.

Time Attack Missions

Time Attack Missions allow the party to replay some of their past battles. This is one way to obtain materials which are dropped by Story Exclusive Enemies. Skells are not allowed in Time Attack Missions.

Support Missions

Support Missions become available after completing Chapter 12. They have many similarities to Squad Missions. Support Missions offer rewards of Miranium, Credits, Battle Points, or Affinity.

Global Nemesis Battle Spoils

This option allows for items collected in Global Nemesis missions to be exchanged for Reward Tickets.

Use Reward Tickets

This option allows materials to be purchased with Reward Tickets.

Division Activity

This options opens a submenu with three options:

  • Collect Division Rewards: This option allows collection of a daily reward. Rewards become available at midnight GMT. The awards available depend on where the player's Division ranked in the previous day's Division Rankings. The rewards available are:
    • Special Bonus
    • Tensifier
    • Fuel Re-up
    • Personal Patch
    • Supreme Bonus
    • Frame Patch
    • Mega Tensifier
    • Salvage Ticket
  • Check the Divisogram: This option open another submenu with the following options:
    • Current Rankings: Shows the current day's ranking and Division Points total for each Division.
    • Yesterday's Results: Show the previous day's ranking and Division Points total for each Division.
    • Current Totals: Show the total lifetime points earned and lifetime ranking of each Division.
  • Change Divisions: Allows Cross to change Divisions. Changing Divisions costs credits. Divisions which are ranked higher in the Division Ranks cost more credits to join than low-ranked Divisions.
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