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Nine lives info

The location of the BLADE NPC with the information about Aisha for the first objective

Nine Lives is an Affinity Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received near the northern end of Barista Court and the primary destination is Primordia.

After this mission is completed, the Abyssinian Cat becomes available as a pet in the BLADE Barracks. In addition, five Search Request Basic Missions become available at the Mission Control board on the BLADE Concourse, in which the party is asked to rescue a lost dog or cat which then becomes available as a pet in the barracks. These five missions offers a specific reward:


  1. "Gather information about Aisha in the lower administrative district."
    • Unnamed NPC with a yellow dialogue icon near Doug's hangout (Conner, Nathan and Monica will be at the same location during the daytime if their missions are completed).
  2. "Meet Mathias at the intergrated production plant in the industrial district."
  3. "Follow Mathias to Primordia's Cliffside Beach."
  4. "Defeat a shallows grex at Primordia's Cliffside Beach."
  5. "Gather three units of Kiran catnip in Primordia."
  6. "Give the Kiran catnip to Mathias at Primordia's Cliffside Beach."
  7. "Defeat the greedy forfex at Primordia's Cliffside Beach."
  8. "Head to the administrative district and check in on Mathias and Aisha."


"After saving Aisha, Gwin had a serious talk with Mathias in regards his work."

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