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Nomadic Rusholme is a Unique Monster in Torna ~ The Golden Country. It is a member of the Griffox family and can be found at level 44 in the Aletta Region of the Kingdom of Torna, at Behemoth's Roost after having defeated the Grafton Feris which is initially there.


Note: All of these items will drop with a 100% rate upon the first victory with the exception of the legendary rarity Sapphire.

Name Type Rarity Rate
Opal Chip Core Chip Rarity2 10.8%
Aquamarine Chip Core Chip Rarity1 12.0%
Arctic Sword Weapon Rarity3 4.0%
Sapphire Accessory Rarity2 6.0%
Sapphire Accessory Rarity3 4.0%
Affinity MAX Evade III Aux Core Rarity2 8.0%
Swift Evasion III Aux Core Rarity2 11.2%
Reflect Immunity Aux Core Rarity3 9.0%
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