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Ocean Lophids are minor enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are members of the Lophid family, and can be found at level 41-50 at Janpath Lake (at night, sleeping in a tree), FN Site 109, and around the rock formation in the water near Castaway Cavern in Primordia. Three of them must be defeated during Laying Lophids Low.



Part Item Type Rarity
Abdomen Large Lophid Liver Material Unique
Body, Lantern Blinding Lophid Extract Material Unique
Body, Tail Spiked Tail Fin Material Unique
Body, Mouth Lophid Jaw Meat Material Unique
Body Quirky Liver Material Rare
Body Smelly Fish Meat Material Common
Body Advanced Forza Screen Ground armor Rare
Body Advanced Forza Trudgers Ground armor Rare
Body SAM-XM150SA Shield Skell weapon Rare


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