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Off Duty is Yelv's first Heart-to-Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It occurs at late night in the alley west of Barista Court in the Commercial District of New Los Angeles.


"You look as bored as I feel, pard."
"I never know what to do with myself when I'm not on a damn job."
"How do you spend your days off?"
Working: "Tell Yelv you never take breaks from BLADE work."
"Well, ain't you just a barrel of laughs."
"Bein' a hard worker is fine, but if you don't take ANY time off, you're takin' it way too far."
"Hasn't Eleonora forced you to take time off yet?"
"She went off on me once for spendin' all my time on Reclaimer missions."
Slacking: "Tell Yelv you never leave the barracks on days off."
"Talk about a waste of a vacation…"
"Hey, that's right. You're livin' over there with Elma and Lin. I bet they're fun to be around, huh?"
"Nothing wrong with spending a quiet day at home when you're with friends or family."
"I certainly don't regret that aimless time I spent with… Well, you know who."
Dating: "Tell Yelv you spend your days off going on dates."
"What the hell, Cross?!"
"Yeesh, I didn't realize we had a romantic in our midst."
"Who are you goin' out with? And where are they? I gotta make sure they're up to my standards!"
"Wait a sec… You're pullin' my chain, ain't ya?!"
"Well, I guess that answers my question—you spend your days off messin' with people's minds for no good reason!"
"Anyway, I got nothing but free time on my hands today."
"I'm so bored, I'm pissing my day away with this bunch of deadbeats."
Invite: "Ask Yelv to join you at the diner." (+ )
"That sounds about a million times more fun than what I'm doin' right now!"
"Unfortunately, Eleonora told me I can't drink like I used to no more."
"She says my Reclaimer work starts to suffer when I'm hungover. …Whatever!"
"I've already had 10 drinks today, though, so I'd better not push it."
"But thanks for the invite—best thing that's happened to me all day. We'll do it some other time, yeah?"
Advise: "Suggest to Yelv that he go to bed early to prepare for tomorrow."
"Geez, you wanna get off my back, Mom?"
"What kind of hypocrite goes around at this time of night tellin' other people they ought to be in bed?"
"If you want me to go to bed so bad, maybe you oughta lead by example… 'Cause there's no goddamn way I'm goin' home before you are!"
"Still…I guess even when your body ain't tired, your brain needs rest to stay screwed on straight."
"So ya know what? I'm gonna take your advice and meander on home. Hope you're happy!"
"Let's go cause some trouble outside the city next time we see each other, yeah?"
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