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For other missions with the same name, see Off the Record.

Off the Record is a Basic Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a final test from Solan to get the Archaeological Field-Skill level 5. Part of the test is to correctly interpret the objectives, which are in the form of riddles. For this reason, the locations of the targets are not shown by the minimap, the segment map, nor the Follow Ball.


  • Achieve all objectives
    • "Across the table where titans feast hides an insect you must defeat. (1)"
    • "In the court of the forest gods, a brood of sentinels here do flock."
    • "If you seek a pure white shell, to the east does it now dwell. (10)"
  • "In fields of green in New LA, ask in the morning to find the way."


"You learned the final level of the archaeological skill from Solan."

Solutions to the Riddles

First riddle

The tyrant Calore, the Lava Walker must be defeated in Cauldros.

Second riddle

The Sentinel's Nest must be found in Noctilum. It is in the northernmost part of Noctilum, east of the Divine Roost.

Third riddle

Ten White Forfex Shells must be collected in Oblivia. They are dropped by Land Forfexes, Native Forfexes or Tourteau, the Delectable.

Final riddle

Solan must be spoken to in early morning, next to the yellow construction Skell west of Deliverance Park.


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