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For the location, see Olethro Ruins (location).
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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The Olethro Ruins is a level in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are located at the top of the Great Stairway of Fonsa Myma in the Kingdom of Uraya. Prior to the Aegis War, Mythra was awakened here.

After Chapter 3, a portal will appear here that grants access to the Land of Challenge. This will only become available if the Expansion Pass has been purchased and the Nopon Summons has been received.


Five hundred years prior to the main story Addam resonated with Mythra, becoming the Aegis' Driver here.

Malos and Akhos, along with Sever and Obrona, kidnap Iona from the Mymoma Playhouse. Pyra agrees to meet with them alone, and slips away from the party at night; however, they realize she is missing and follow her to the ruins, where they fight against the Torna agents.

After a short battle, Akhos and Obrona are able to halt the flow of Ether in the area, rendering the party's Blades useless. They are saved by Vandham, who uses his own body's energy to restore his and Roc's power, and sacrifices himself to give the others a chance to escape. Rex charges at Malos to avenge him, but is easily knocked back; however, before Malos can deal the finishing blow, Pyra glows with a bright light, transforming into Mythra. With her newfound power, the party easily defeats the two Torna agents, returning their Blades into Core Crystals and forcing them to retreat.

Vandham is buried at the ruins, where he fell in battle, the next day.

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  • When Mythra awakens, half of the area is destroyed by Siren.