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Orphean Technologies

Orphean Technologies is a product Arms Manufacturer in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Formed by Orpheans who fled the Ganglion, the arms manufacturer produces gear very different to that of human make.

This AM is unlocked upon completion of the Rescue at the Ensconced Citadel Normal Mission. They mainly build products with high evasion, but their best seller is a line of gravity-attribute weapons. Their Skell Weapons consist of weapon modules looted from enemy Qmoevas, Galdrs, and Seidrs.



Orphean Technologies armor pieces are named based on the location they are worn and the type of armor.

Type Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Light Wear Yii Yimsel Yiys Yiym
Medium Wear Ayx Mayx Mayx Nyx
Heavy Wear Zyi Zyua Zyua Zyum

Battle Traits

The following battle traits can be found on Orphean Technologies armor. Only a small selection of the possible battle traits are available in armor purchased from the Shop Terminal. The remaining battle traits can be found in armor obtained by defeating enemies.

Type Battle Traits
Head Potential Up, Potential Boost, Resist Stun, Taunt: Decoy, EXP Boost, Treasure Sensor, Weather Master
Torso Max HP Up, Max HP Boost, Resist Flinch, Resist Virus, Resist HP Recovery Down, Debuff Suppressor, Reflect: Gravity, Reflect Damage Up, Danger Surge, Incapacitation Surge, Crimson Aurora Screen
Arms L Max TP Up, Ranged Attack Up, Gravity Res Up, Extend Critical Power, Vantage Attack Plus, Overdrive Count Up, Extend Overdrive, Aura: Refuel, Underdog Surge
Arms R Max HP Up, Ranged Attack Up, Gravity Res Up, Back Attack Plus, Overdrive Green Bonus, Aura: Refuel, Ranged Draw Surge, Art Draw Surge, Artful Execution Surge
Legs Max TP Up, Evasion Up, Max TP Boost, Resist Stagger, Resist Knockback, Resist Launch, Resist Gravity Res Down, Topple: Decoy, Terrain Damage Reducer, Untouchable Dash

Enemy Drops

Orphean Technologies armor is dropped by the following types of enemies.

Type Enemy
Light Wear Millesaur, Sacrifole
Medium Wear Auravis, Levitath
Heavy wear Millepod, Colubrim

Arms Manufacturer Upgrades

Level 1

  • Introduction: "An arms manufacturer made up of Orpheans who defected from the Ganglion to New LA. The architecture of their gear differs greatly from conventional human technology. High-evasion protective wear is their principle product."

Level 2

  • Light Wear Series: "Go forth. Evade and conquer."

Level 3

  • Heavy Wear Series: "By pairing defense with evasion, we've engineered invincibility."

Level 4

  • All Products Upgraded!: "We are not averse to miranium. It is required to give form to the conceptual, after all."
Equipment at the shop terminal is now "Unique" rarity, with two battle traits.

Level 5

  • All Products Further Upgraded!: "We are not averse to miranium. Thank you. ...Yes, that is an apt verbalization for our feelings."
Equipment at the shop terminal is now "Prime" rarity, with three battle traits.


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