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Overaffectionate Murph is a Unique Monster in Torna ~ The Golden Country. It can be found just outside Lascham Cove in Gormott at level 18.


Break 60% Smash 0%
Topple 0% Blowdown 60%
Launch 0% Knockback 60%


Trigger Overaffectionate Murph cannot Enrage.
Effects Boosts Agility by 30%.
Boosts Ether by 30%.
Element Electric

Elemental Awakening

Base probability 30%
Enraged probability 100%
Increased attack power 15%
Increased arts recast 10%
Time reduced from Blade combos 3s


Art Type Element Hits Range Damage Ratio Reaction Effect
Auto-AttackPhysical-1One Target100--
Dino StormEtherWind1Circle200--
Dino ThunderEtherElectric4Random Target300--
Dino FlashEtherElectric1Ahead300Blowdown-


Name Type Rarity Rate
Physical Defense Up II Aux Core Rarity1 9.0%
Launch Resist II Aux Core Rarity1 9.0%
Steel Chip Core Chip Rarity1 14.0%
Apprentice Vambraces Accessory Rarity1 12.0%
Gale Braid Weapon Rarity1 9.0%
Vortex Sword Weapon Rarity1 9.0%
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