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Overdrive: Gain TP is an armor Augment in Xenoblade Chronicles X that gives a boost to TP when activating Overdrive.


Overdrive: Gain TP augments can be created at the AM Terminal in the Administrative District.

Rank Rarity Effect
Sell Price Required components
I Common Boosts TP by 25 when activating Overdrive 100 500 Credits 1 Flowering Germivore Scales, 1 Red Mortifole Feather, 1 Sharp Ear, 1 White Cometite
V Common Boosts TP by 125 when activating Overdrive 100 900 Credits 2 Flowering Germivore Scales, 2 Red Mortifole Feathers, 2 Sharp Ears, 1 Dawnstone
X Rare Boosts TP by 250 when activating Overdrive 100 1,400 Credits 4 Flowering Germivore Scales, 4 Tersqual Eel Kebabs, 4 Alluring Lophid Extracts, 2 Everfreeze Ore
XV Unique Boosts TP by 375 when activating Overdrive 1,500 1,900 Credits 6 Flowering Germivore Scales, 6 Tersqual Eel Kebabs, 6 Alluring Lophid Extracts, 4 Foucaultiums
XX Intergalactic Boosts TP by 500 when activating Overdrive 2,000 2,500 Credits 12 Flowering Germivore Scales, 12 Tersqual Eel Kebabs, 12 Alluring Lophid Extracts, 8 Bonjeliums
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