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Overtrade is a game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles. Overtrade can occur when a higher-priced item from the party leader is traded for a lower-priced item from a named NPC. Each named NPC carries a bonus item. If the difference between the higher-priced item and the lower-priced item is equal to or greater than the value of the bonus item, the party leader will receive the bonus item. For example:

In Colony 6, Gorman offers a Dobercorgi as an overtrade item. The Dobercorgi is valued at 7,020 G, so Shulk has to trade for an item whereby the difference between the values of the two items is 7,020 G. Assuming that the reputation value of Colony 6 is at 1 star and there are no trading skill bonuses in effect, then Pyro Lizard (4,320 G) is the only item that can be traded. So, 7,020 G + 4,320 G = 11,320 G. Shulk has to trade for an item that is worth at least 11,320 G in order to get the bonus item from Gorman. Shulk decides to trade his Happy Carnival (15,180 G) for the Pyro Lizard (4,320 G). He will subsequently receive the bonus item Dobercorgi (7,020 G).

Miscellaneous Info

  • The item values during the trade may be different due to the trading bonus skill in effect.
  • Most named NPCs carry different bonus items, so the overtrade value will be different for each one.
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