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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Pandoria (Japanese: サイカ, Saika) is a Special Legendary Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She can grant tremendous power to her Driver Zeke and his allies. Pandoria uses the electric element, wields a Big Bang Edge, and acts as an Attacker in battle.

Pandoria has an unexplained connection with the Titan Genbu, who she is able to talk to and summon from beneath the Cloud Sea so long as the Omega Fetter remains undisturbed.


In her first encounter Pandoria is silent, and mirrors Zeke's actions for dramatic emphasis. Later she becomes talkative and quite cheeky, especially toward Zeke, who she teases for having bad luck, despite genuinely caring for him. She can be negligent and careless toward other's feelings, but will stick up for her friends when the need arises. Zeke calls her "Pandy".


Pandoria is a young woman with short green hair, green eyes and pointed ears. Her appearance recalls the steampunk style, with big glasses, a small hat, electric bulbs in place of shoulders and a bulb tail. She wears a striped gray waistcoat, frilled shorts and long gloves and boots. Her glasses are initially opaque but clear as the story progresses. Her Core Crystal shaped like a circuit board, with a triangle cut out of it.

Alternate Costumes

Mermaid-Blue, Beach Date, Magical Pink

Pandoria has three alternate costumes which can be obtained as DLC Aux Cores via Challenge Battle Mode. These are:


Pandoria, unlike Brighid, has no evidence of being passed down as a royal family Blade, though she is tied to the kingdom's control of Genbu. She is awakened at an unknown time by Zeke, and when he is banished from Tantal, she joins him traveling Alrest.

The pair are attacked by bandits after some time in exile. Pandoria attempts to carry Zeke to safety but collapses and falls unconscious; when she awakens she finds Amalthus has taken a shard of her Core Crystal and implanted it into Zeke's heart, thereby saving both of them. In return for the saving of their lives, Zeke and Pandoria became special envoys for Indol to find and test the new Driver of the Aegis.

Pandoria contacting Genbu

Pandoria fights the party alongside Zeke at Cobalt Cliffs, nearby the Old Factory, and at Ysheva Harbor. She eventually joins the party with Zeke, and they travel between Titans, eventually reaching Genbu, their home. Pandoria reveals that she has a special connection to the Genbu, as she is able to summon the Titan as long as the Omega Fetter is in use and speak to it otherwise. After Zeke reveals their backstory in Spirit Crucible Elpys, her glasses become transparent.


Pandoria takes part in several Heart-to-hearts:


Blade Specials

  • Lv. 1 - Lightning Force - Catch a lightning strike with your wand and throw it out to attack enemies
  • Lv. 2 - Electric Circus - Manipulate an electrified weapon with your wand and attack the enemy
  • Lv. 3 - Thunder Doom - Smash your weapon into the ground for a massive lightning explosion
  • Lv. 4 - Sonic Thunderslash - Power up Driver to strike the enemy at ultra high speed

Blade Arts

Battle Skills

  • Quickest Purple - Boosts Arts recharge by 50% at max affinity
  • Thunderblast - Adds a 100% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack
  • Sudden Spark - Increase auto-attack speed by 30%

Field Skills

  • Electric Mastery - Lv. 3
  • Lockpicking - Lv. 3
  • Ichthyology - Lv. 3

Favorite Items

Affinity Chart

Type Name Skill Level Affinity Level Effect Prerequisite Count Flavor Text
Key Affinity Reward 1 1 Unlocks level 1 of the Affinity Chart.
2 2 Unlocks level 2 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 100 "I've gotta get stronger."
3 3 Unlocks level 3 of the Affinity Chart. Affinity bond will be easier to sustain. Increase Trust 1,300 "I'm still just getting started! You ain't seen nothing yet!"
4 4 Unlocks level 4 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 3,800 "I haven't even gotten serious yet. You just wait and see."
5 5 Unlocks level 5 of the Affinity Chart. Increase Trust 8,800 "OK, I'm getting serious! Like, actually serious this time! Honest!"
Blade Special Lightning Force 1 1 Increases damage dealt to machines by 60%
2 2 Increases damage dealt to machines by 70% Deal a certain amount of damage in one hit 800 "Even I can handle this much!"
3 3 Increases damage dealt to machines by 80% Deal a certain amount of total damage 16,000 "You think this is all I've got? My sights're set much higher!"
4 4 Increases damage dealt to machines by 90% Use Lightning Force 12 "Let me show you just how much I've grown!"
5 5 Increases damage dealt to machines by 100% Defeat Peerless Beaufort in Leftheria "That wasn't easy...but we won. And that just goes to show how strong I've gotten!"
Electric Circus 1 1 Increases critical damage by 25%
2 2 Increases critical damage by 40% Use Electric Circus 7 "Check out what I can do. I haven't been slacking off!"
3 3 Increases critical damage by 55% Deal a certain amount of damage in one hit 2,400 "I feel like my attack's getting stronger. Can't wait to try it out!"
4 4 Increases critical damage by 70% Defeat a Mabluk Aspar at the Cliffs of Morytha 4 "No matter how many times I fight these things, I can't get over how creepy they look!"
5 5 Increases critical damage by 85% Use Electric Circus 10 "That went better than I expected. I'm gonna use this one to make battles a breeze from now on!"
Thunder Doom 1 1 Increases critical damage by 25%
2 2 Increases critical damage by 40% Defeat Volff enemies in Tantal (Excludes unique monsters) 6 "They looked so fluffy I just wanted to cuddle them! But beating them up works too."
3 3 Increases critical damage by 55% Use Thunder Doom 6 "Getting pretty good at this, aren't I?"
4 4 Increases critical damage by 70% Deal a certain amount of damage in one hit 4,800 "How'd you like my attack? Made a real impact, don'tcha think?"
5 5 Increases critical damage by 85% Deal a certain amount of total damage 48,000 "Looks like all my hard work's paying off."
Battle Skill Quickest Purple 1 1 Boosts Arts recharge by 30% at max Affinity
2 2 Boosts Arts recharge by 35% at max Affinity Raise Affinity in combat 2 "When you put in the effort, you reap the rewards!"
3 3 Boosts Arts recharge by 40% at max Affinity Raise Affinity in combat 5 "So this is what it means to share a bond of trust!"
4 4 Boosts Arts recharge by 45% at max Affinity Swim a lot (Previous instances count toward total) 1,000 "Just how far does this Cloud Sea go on for, anyway? You want to go have a quick look for me?"
5 5 Boosts Arts recharge by 50% at max Affinity Finish an enemy 250 "Is it just me, or do these monsters just keep popping up no matter how many of 'em we take out?"
Thunderblast 1 1 Adds a 60% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack
2 2 Adds a 70% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack Use Pandoria's favorite pouch items (Meat category) 4 "Ah, meat. De-licious."
3 3 Adds a 80% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack Perform a Blade Combo 7 "You want to see me get serious?"
4 4 Adds a 90% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack Perform a Blade Combo 10 "I'll show you why you should be scared of lightning."
5 5 Adds a 100% chance of dealing a guard-annulling attack Evade an attack 250 "Don't get distracted now. Gotta focus and strike when the foe's vulnerable!"
Sudden Spark 1 1 Increases auto-attack speed by 20% Perform a Driver Combo (It's enough to just be present) 10 "I got a whole lot stronger! The bad guys of Alrest better hide."
2 2 Increases auto-attack speed by 22% Use a Blade Art 5 "I'll back you up."
3 3 Increases auto-attack speed by 25% Use a Blade Art 6 "I feel like I can really help out a lot now."
4 4 Increases auto-attack speed by 27% At Genbu Port in Tantal, view the Heart-to-Heart "What's in a Name?" "Whew, Pyra really did a number on my prince there. He'll need some time to recover from that burn!"
5 5 Increases auto-attack speed by 30% Find a Secret Area (Previous instances count toward total) 12 "Hey, doesn't discovering all these amazing places make us kind of amazing, too?"
Field Skill Electric Mastery 1 1 The power of an Electric Blade
2 3 Defeat a Linka Skeet at the Cliffs of Morytha 5 "I can feel myself getting stronger, and it feels pretty good!"
3 5 Defeat an Indoline Sentinel at the World Tree 4 "If it's lightning you need, I'm your gal!"
Lockpicking 1 1 The power to open various things. Works on doors, treasure troves, etc. Use a Blade Art 3 "I get a new power? Aw, you shouldn't have!"
2 2 Open a treasure trove (Previous instances count toward total) 50 "I'll open anything, you name it! Well, maybe not quite anything..."
3 4 Open a treasure trove (Previous instances count toward total) 200 "I'll open anything, you name it! And I mean it this time!"
Icthyology 1 1 Knowledge related to fish
2 3 Collect fish 25 "This was a learning experience."
3 5 Collect fish 30 "I am the fishmaster! Like, I know a lot about fish. You know what I mean."

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Pandoria is one of the characters who can appear on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC stage, Cloud Sea of Alrest, where she may be present in the background alongside Zeke. A puppet fighter of Bayonetta also appears in Zeke's spirit battle, which probably represents Pandoria.


Her English name may refer to Pandora, the first woman created according to Greek mythology. She was known for curiously opening a pithos containing all the evils in the world.


  • The full name of Pandoria's level 4 Blade Special is "Supersonic Thunderbolt Slash".
  • Pandoria is never seen wielding the entire Big Bang Edge. During her Blade Specials and in her official art, the weapon's hilt is detached as a sort of wand. Given that Zeke is a Blade Eater, this might be because the large sword is Zeke's weapon and the hilt is Pandoria's own.


Post-Battle Dialogue

Main Cast

Team Rex
Rex Rex "No matter how things go, we can never give up!"

Pandoria Pandoria "Tee hee hee hee! We're a lot alike, you and me."

Chapter 7 spoilers:

Pandoria Pandoria "What's up with the sky lasers? You think you can steal my thunder?!"

Pneuma Pneuma "N-no, lasers are a totally different, uh... genre to lightning."

Team Nia
Nia Nia "Honestly Pandoria, I don't know how you put up with all of Shellhead's antics."

Pandoria Pandoria "Oh Nia, you're the only one who gets it."

Chapter 7 spoilers:

Pandoria Pandoria "I don't know how I feel about you being a Blade, Nia. I can't get used to it!"

Nia Nia (Ch 7 Form) "You sure call it like you see it, eh Pandoria? But I like working with you. Never change."

Team Tora
Tora Tora "Must be tiring for Pandoria to hang out with Zeke all the time."

Pandoria Pandoria "I could ask you the same thing."

Poppi α Poppi α "Poppi finally appreciate good points of Zeke."

Pandoria Pandoria "I have to say, I might need more time before I can appreciate Tora."

Team Zeke
Zeke Zeke "Are you all right, Pandoria?"

Pandoria Pandoria "Why the tone, my Prince? But thank you, I'm fine."

Zeke Zeke "You know, it's kind of nice to travel with such a big group of friends."

Pandoria Pandoria "Yeah, but sometimes it's nice to travel like this for a while, huh?"

Zeke Zeke "Hey, hang on a sec... I dropped my contact lens!"

Rex Rex "That's not the first time either. Are you sure you should be dropping it that much?"

Pandoria Pandoria "Don't laugh at my Prince! He keeps needing new contacts and so we end up poor."

Nia Nia "Good work at looking after your Drivers, you two."

Mythra Mythra "Sure, though I think Pandoria has a harder time with that than me."

Pandoria Pandoria "What do you mean? Zeke has loads of good qualities! Like uh...and huh..."

Pyra Pyra "Zeke, Pandoria, that was quite the combo."

Zeke Zeke "Well naturally. We have a bond deeper than mortal understanding."

Pandoria Pandoria "You haven't seen anything yet."

Mythra Mythra "Rex, come here! Look at the state of you, you're a total mess."

Mòrag Mòrag "Don't be too harsh on Rex. I'll soon knock some Ardainian sense into him."

Pandoria Pandoria "The Prince is the same. Last week I had to remind him to put on pants."

Chapter 8 spoilers:

Poppi QTπ Poppi QTπ "What are Zeke and Pandoria planning to do after this quest is over?"

Zeke Zeke "Clearly we'll get a daring new quest! Huh?"

Pandoria Pandoria "Clearly we'll get the Prince married! Huh?"

Rare Blades

Pandoria Pandoria "Hey Boreas? I'm getting peckish here."

Boreas Boreas "Me too! Let's split some fried octomayo."

Electra Electra "How do you not shock yourself in battle, Pandoria?"

Pandoria Pandoria "I get shocked all the time, but I actually kinda like it."

Finch Finch "Love your hat, Pancakia! Mind if I borrow it sometime?"

Pandoria Pandoria "No way! Without it, every day is a bad hair day!"

Pandoria Pandoria "I'm counting on your protection, Godfrey!"

Godfrey Godfrey "Ah, don't worry; I'll go on defense, cool as ice!"

Pandoria Pandoria "KOS-MOS, you're awfully quiet. Care to partake of some of my lightning?"

KOS-MOS KOS-MOS "That will not be necessary, Pandoria. I do not run on electricity."

Vess Vess "Want to go bathing together after this, Pandoria? If weather permits."

Pandoria Pandoria "How do you have time to think about that now?!"

Pandoria Pandoria "Quite some biceps you've got, Wulfric! Ever thought of arm-wrestling a Titan?"

Wulfric Wulfric "Thank you, uh... Pandy."

Pandoria Pandoria "Zenobia, mind keeping it down a bit? You've nearly blown off my hat."

Zenobia Zenobia "Sorry! Thing is, I'm only using about a third of my power already."