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Parenting is a Heart-to-Heart in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is located anytime at the Sports Complex in the Residential District of New Los Angeles between Mia and Cross.


"Hi there, Chief."
"I was just staring at the scenery here. Really brings back a lot of the ol' memories."
"This looks a lot like the Los Angeles suburb where I used to live back on Earth."
"My parents were both adventurers, so they were away a lot. But whenever they came back, they'd always throw a big rockin' party in the front yard."
"Those were really happy time for me."
"They'd tell me tales of their expeditions... Ask me what I'd been doing at school..."
"But one day, they went out to climb a mountain and...didn't come back. Everything changed after that."
"Our house used to be happy, you know? But once they were gone, the place just seemed really sad."
"So now this scenery just make me feel... I dunno. It's a swirl of happy memories and painful ones. Like one of those ice-cream cones with two flavors."
"Just makes me nostalgic, I guess."
Encourage: "Tell Mia that you are sure she will make her own happy memories in this city."
"Hey, you're right!"
"I don't have any bad memories of New LA yet. It's all happy ones so far!"
"I mean, sure, it was a little rough at first, but now I've got you and all my other BLADE pals."
"I shouldn't dwell on places I can't return to. I should just keep moving forward."
"Speaking of which, I hope you'll take me with you on your next mission, Chief!"
Inquire: "Ask Mia to tell you more about her parents."
"My parents? Didn't I just tell you all about them?"
"Well, again, they were adventurers."
"They were actually sort of famous back on Earth. They even summited Mt. Everest a couple of times."
"But my parents gave up adventuring for a while after I was born, mostly to raise me."
"Then once I was older, they got back into it."
"I was 15 years old when it happened..."
"The mountain they were climbing wasn't an especially difficult one."
"They managed to make contact after reaching the summit, but on the way down they, they just...vanished. Like in a puff of smoke, you know? ...Into thin air."
"There was huge search, but neither of them were ever found."
"Yeah, I really miss my dads a lot."
"...Huh? Did I not mention that part? Well, yeah, I had two dads."
"And they were both pretty great."
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