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Long Lancer

Partisan Eagle (known as Long Lancer in the Japanese version) is a class featured in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This class provides bonuses to ranged attack and accuracy. Their weapons are the Sniper Rifle and Javelin. It is one of two classes that can be leveled up from Commando and can be leveled up to Astral Crusader. The playable characters of this class include Lao and Bozé. Alexa's class is an Alternative Partisan Eagle.

Class Ranks

Rank Arts Skills
1 Arcing Horn
2 Eagle Eye Killshot
3 Raijin Electric Guard
4 First Down
5 Electric Boost
6 Spiral Horn
7 Knock 'n' Shock
8 Intercept
9 Fleet Feet
10 Piscinoid Slayer
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