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Photon Sabers are melee weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are depicted as swords that project beams of damaging light from the hilt, and the blades may sometimes expand and change form during the use of certain arts. They are used by Blast Fencer and Galactic Knight classes. When Galactic Knight is fully mastered, Photon Sabers become usable with any class. They are wielded by Yelv and Doug, and a similar weapon is wielded by Ga Jiarg.


Level 3

Level 4


Art Acquired Class Acquired Rank Effect Range Attribute TP Cost Description
Starfall Blade Blast Fencer 1 Target: Single Enemy Weapon 0 Weapon damage + boosts damage in Melee Combo
Geolibrium Blast Fencer 2 Target: Self None 1000 Boosts Beam Resistance + Continually Restore HP + Nullifies Terrain Effects
Starfall Rondo Blast Fencer 3 Target: Single Enemy Weapon 0 Weapon damage + boosts damage in Melee Combo
Astrolibrium Blast Fencer 6 Target: Self None 1000 Reflects Beam Damage + Boosts Beam Damage
Astral Heal Galactic Knight 1 Target: One Ally None 1000 Restores HP + when inside Skell: restores appendage HP
Starfall Blossom Galactic Knight 2 Target: One Enemy Weapon 0 Weapon damage + from Front: boosts TP
Astral Purge Galactic Knight 3 Target: One Ally Gravity 0 Removes debuffs
Novalibrium Galactic Knight 4 Target: Self None 1000 Grants Supercharge upon receiving damage + Enables Counter Spike
Astral Horizon Galactic Knight 7 Target: Self None 1000 Grants Astral Heal and Astral Purge to all allies + Expands AOE range
Galactic Cataclysm Galactic Knight 8 Target: Enemies in front Beam 1000 Beam damage + with Aura: boosts damage

Unique Arts

Art Acquired From Mission Effect Range Attribute TP Cost Description
Starlight Duster Doug Close Comrades Target: One Enemy Weapon 1000 Weapon damage + inflicts Gravity Resistance Down + boosts damage in Melee Combo
Phenomenon Doug Soldier of the Harriers Target: Enemies in front Ether 0 Ether damage + inflicts Ether Resistance Down
Essence Exchange Yelv Arms and the Man Target: Self None 0 Swaps current HP and TP


Arms Manufacturer Name Damage (Lv. 60) Attribute Cooldown TP Gain Stability (+-) Upgrades
Sakuraba Industries Saber 160 Beam 1.5s 50 15 3
Grenada Galactic Group Fulge 155 Beam 1.3s 30 6 3
Fulge II 150 Beam 1.2s 18 8 3
Meredith & Co. Candela 160 Ether 1.5s 40 15 3
Candela II 160 Ether 1.7s 50 15 3
Candela III 160 Gravity 1.5s 50 15 3
Six Stars Lightblade 180 Electric 1.8s 50 10 3
Lightblade II 180 Thermal 1.8s 50 10 3
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