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The Pod Landing Site is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in Makna Forest, and it is where the High Entia ship landed on the north coast of the main river.


The party reaches the Pod Landing Site after the Emperor is killed on Prison Island at the Eryth Sea. They want to continue onto Mechonis, so they are escorted from the Centre Gate to Makna Forest, where they can travel through Valak Mountain into Sword Valley.

Transition into Valak Mountain

The monsters in this area are noticeably stronger, with higher levels than the average monsters at the Eryth Sea. Several enormous Orlugas reside on this path as well. Valak Pass is at the end of the path, and it can be seen how the scenery changes dramatically from the humid sub-tropical jungle to the snowy ice peaks of Valak Mountain. King Agni's Tomb, a Secret Area, can be found by going left on the path.

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