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The Police Skell

Police (Japanese: "Policemen") is a level 30 light Skell in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The schematics for it are received as a reward for H.B.'s final Affinity Mission Climbing the Ladder, after which the Skell can be purchased at the AM Terminal.

Required Materials

The rewards for Climbing the Ladder include the materials needed to build one Police skell (but not the Miranium and Enduron Lead, which must be obtained through Data Probes). Additional materials can also be obtained from enemies or purchased at the Network Console for 174 Reward Tickets.


Police is equipped with the HAGANE Overdrive, which grants the following effects:

  • Zero fuel usage
  • Melee damage up
  • Appendage heal
  • Physical reflect


  • In Japan, H.B. and the Police Skell are part of a paid DLC package. In other countries this content is included in the base game.


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