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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Consumable items selection in the Pouch

Pouches (Japanese: ポーチ, Pōchi) are a mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna ~ The Golden Country. They are inventory elements carried by each character where consumable items, known as Pouch items (ポーチアイテム, Pōchiaitemu), are stored and conserved. These various items fall into specific categories. When an item is put into a Pouch, it lasts for a certain amount of time, during which it grants one or more benefits to the user. It also slightly increases the Trust of all Blades engaged to that Driver.

The timer for a Pouch item runs in real time and pauses when using menus. After it runs out, if another item of the same name exists in the inventory it will automatically refill the Pouch and extend its effects. Otherwise, the Pouch will become empty.

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, there are six Pouch Expansion Kits around Alrest, each one can be used to permanently allow a Driver to have two Pouch items in effect at the same time. Since there are six of them in total, each character can have an extra pouch.

In Torna ~ The Golden Country, there are three Pouch Expansion Kits. Pouch items function the same as they do in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but they can no longer be purchased and are instead made by crafting via the Camping system.

Types of Pouch Items

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

XC2-shop-art.png XC2-shop-game.png XC2-shop-cosmetic.png
Art Board Games Cosmetics
XC2-shop-dessert.png XC2-shop-drink.png XC2-shop-book.png
Desserts Drinks Literature
XC2-shop-instrument.png XC2-shop-meat.png XC2-shop-seafood.png
Instruments Meats Seafood
XC2-shop-staple-food.png XC2-shop-textile.png XC2-shop-vegetable.png
Staple Foods Textiles Veggies

Torna ~ The Golden Country

TTGC-shop-charm.png XC2-shop-dessert.png XC2-shop-cosmetic.png
Charms Desserts Fragrances
XC2-shop-meat.png XC2-shop-book.png XC2-shop-seafood.png
Meats Scripts Seafood
XC2-shop-staple-food.png TTGC-shop-talisman.png XC2-shop-vegetable.png
Staple Foods Talismans Veggies

Pouch Item Effects

There are 12 different passive effects that can be gained from Pouch items, and each of the 16 item categories specializes in one of them. Every item can grant multiple different effects, but most are guaranteed to have the effect that its category specializes in. These effects also have a limit to how much they can benefit the user.

  • Art: Grants effects that boost Affinity gained per action or effect. (Max: +50%)
  • Board Games: Grants effects that boost the effect power of Blade Arts. Does not affect Nullify Reaction and Debuff Cancel. (Max: +100%)
  • Cosmetics and Fragrances: Grants effects that boost starting base Affinity in battle. (Max: +300)
  • Drinks and Charms: Grants effects that boost Party Gauge gained per action or effect. (Max: +50%)
  • Desserts: Grants effects that passively recharge all Arts every second. (Max: +1 per second)
  • Instruments and Talismans: Grants effects that passively recharge the Special gauge every second. (Max: +8 per second)
  • Literature and Scripts: Grants effects that boost damage dealt by Specials. (Max: +100%)
  • Meats: Grants effects that boost Driver physical defense. (Max: +30%)
  • Seafood: Grants effects that boost Driver ether defense. (Max: +30%)
  • Staple Foods: Grants effects that protect the Driver with a Damage Barrier at the start of battle, nullifying up to a certain percentage of their maximum HP in damage. (Max: 50% Max HP)
  • Textiles: Grants effects that reduce Affinity losses per action or effect. (Max: -50%)
  • Veggies: Grants effects that boost HP recovery effects. (Max: +50%)

Favorite Pouch Items

Each character has up to two favorite pouch item categories and two unique favorite items. Rare Blades and Drivers have all four preferences, while Common Blades have one or two random categories they like, but might not have any favorite items. Using favorites may be required to unlock nodes on certain Blades' Affinity Charts.

A Driver's or Blade's favorites are initially unknown, being revealed only when placed in the Driver's pouch. They can be discovered through trial and error, or by finding hints in the game. For example, the unlock conditions on the Blade's Affinity Chart may identify either a favorite category or a favorite item's category, and unlocking nodes on Boreas's chart will provide clues regarding favorite food items of other Blades or Drivers. Heart-to-Hearts can also allude to the favorite items of some characters.

Favorite Bonuses

The preference for an item affects the strength of its effects on the character.

  • Favorite category: Item liked by the character (♥). Its effects are increased by 20%.
  • Favorite item: Item loved by the character (♥♥). Its effects are increased by 50%.
  • If an item is in a liked category and also loved, its effects are only increased by the loved bonus.

The bonuses for Blades' preferences will only apply when they are used in battle, while the Driver ones will always remain active. Additionally, the bonuses granted by the preferences of the Driver and the Blade multiply together when they focus on the same pouch slot.

Favorite Bonuses Driver
Neutral Category (♥) Item (♥♥)
Blade Neutral ×1.0 ×1.2 ×1.5
Category (♥) ×1.2 ×1.44 ×1.8
Item (♥♥) ×1.5 ×1.8 ×2.25
Due to a bug, if two equipped pouch items share one or more effects of the same type and the item on the second pouch is liked or loved by a character, its favorite bonus applies to both pouches simultaneously for those specific effects, boosting them more than normal. As such, it is recommended to place items with the strongest favorite bonus on the second pouch slot in order to maximize their potency.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Driver Liked Type 1 Liked Type 2 Liked Item 1 Liked Item 2
Rex Drinks Art Pan-Fried Tartari Coral Reversi
Nia Seafood Textiles Cream Orange Paratha Ardainian Bear Carving
Tora Drinks Instruments Juicy Samod Silken Stool
Vandham Staple Foods Board Games Armu T-Bone Steak The Alrestogony
Mòrag Veggies Art Quoteletta Steamwork Organ
Zeke Meats Textiles Addam's Embercakes Snow-Crystal Vase


Blade Liked Type 1 Liked Type 2 Liked Item 1 Liked Item 2
Pyra Veggies Literature Jenerossi Tea Woodgrain Alphorn
Mythra Desserts Art Cloud Sea Crab Sticks Final Chorus
Dromarch Meats Board Games Dried Sunfish Cedarwood Koto
Poppi α Staple Foods Instruments Fizz Juice Roly-Poly Maracas
Poppi QT Veggies Art Sky-Jewel Tart Genbu-Weave Cloth
Poppi QTπ Staple Foods Textiles Melodious Melon Parfait Flurrycomb
Roc Seafood Board Games Wood-Dye Waistcloth Abyssturgeon Medallion
Brighid Desserts Cosmetics Thawing Mille-Feuille Titan-Oil Hand Cream
Pandoria Meats Literature Fried Octomayo Moonstar Lipstick
Seafood Instruments Snowbaby Potato Salad Sneak-Thief King
Aegaeon Desserts Art Fondant Rice Cake Montecoran Doll
Adenine Veggies Literature Torigoth Marinade Leftherian Life
Agate Drinks Art Fish and Herb Broth Les Awfuls
Azami Drinks Literature Steamflake Tabbouleh Red Opal Lipstick
Boreas Staple Foods Cosmetics Massive Mushroom Pie Frozen Odifa
Dagas Seafood Art Aromalocaris Sauté Black Flower Field
Dahlia Veggies Cosmetics Poached Fruit Samod Tantal Icecube
Electra Meats Instruments Honey au Lait Hammerplate Snare
Finch Veggies Cosmetics Stuffed Meaty Carrot Sparkly Snow Perfume
Floren Veggies Art Leaf-Weave Cape Snow Dumplings
Godfrey Meats Instruments Estral Steak Adventures of Myram
Gorg Desserts Textiles Neon Grape Flan Imperial Secret Escapes
Herald Drinks Board Games Lunana Smoothie Jeweled Billiard Balls
Kasandra Staple Foods Cosmetics Felmeri Fairy Statue Astrology Made Simple
Kora Drinks Cosmetics Blossom Custard Conch Hairpin
KOS-MOS Staple Foods Board Games Gladiator Wrestling Master's Curry
Newt Meats Instruments Army Field Manual Zaproast Power Bowl
Nim Seafood Instruments Tricolor Bowl Don't Feed the Armu
Perceval Drinks Art Vinaigrette Ice Cabbage Scarlet Shamisen
Perun Seafood Textiles Black Roast Coffee Fonsan Viola
Praxis Desserts Literature Sno-Bake Cheesecake Curled Eyelashes
Sheba Desserts Textiles Indoline Tea Copper Ephem Statue
Theory Veggies Board Games Steamed Veg Stralu Sparkly Snow Perfume
Ursula Desserts Cosmetics Torigonda Steamwork Organ
Vale Desserts Textiles Prickly Snowpickle Crinkly Wool
Vess Seafood Cosmetics Fruity Rice Ball Torigoth Snowpouch
Wulfric Staple Foods Literature Marine Stir-Fry Smack-A-Nopon
Zenobia Meats Literature Char-Grilled Grumbird Portrait of Ger the Hero
Akhos Staple Foods Board Games Smoke-Braised Killifish Witness the Crustip
Patroka Veggies Cosmetics Odifa Gelée Tart Felt Cushioning
Mikhail Drinks Literature Vegetable Mille-Feuille Tantalese Velvet
Obrona Seafood Instruments Tantalese Porridge Masterpieces of Alrest
Sever Meats Instruments Hotplate Fry-Up Chooby Tubes
Perdido Drinks Art Armu Milk Earl Grey Skywards by Titan
Cressidus Meats Textiles Mustard Kordeth The Blizzard Choir
Poppibuster (DLC) Meats Board Games Tasty Sausage Nopopo Yard
T-elos Instruments Literature Army-Issue Violin Salvaging Made Easy
Shulk (DLC) Veggies Literature Addam's Supercakes Ardainian Arms Album
Fiora (DLC) Seafood Cosmetics Whitebait-Samod Hotpot Elastifying Tonic
Crossette (DLC) Staple Foods Desserts Sunshine Pie Spicy Stralu
Corvin (DLC) Drinks Board Games Twinklejuice Nopon Chess Set
Elma (DLC) Seafood Art Codweave Safety Blanky Pipestraw Smoothie

Common Blades

Each Common Blade prefers one or more types of item at random.

Torna ~ The Golden Country


Driver Liked Type 1 Liked Type 2 Liked Item 1 Liked Item 2
Lora Meats Talismans Ruby-Stew Buloofo Golden Land Talisman
Addam Staple Foods Charms Energy Stir-Fry Galaxy Charm
Hugo Veggies Fragrances Rhogul à la Ardainaise Eternity Perfume


Blade Liked Type 1 Liked Type 2 Liked Item 1 Liked Item 2
Jin Seafood Charms Steel Salmon Tempura Organic Charm
Haze Veggies Scripts Wildflower Salad The Knight of Torna
Mythra Desserts Meats Miracle Parfait Bunnit-Stuffed Peppers
Minoth Staple Foods Fragrances Ruska Dumpling Soup Exquisite Perfume
Brighid Seafood Scripts Gormotti Sashimi Plate What You Must Protect
Aegaeon Desserts Talismans Rich Platinum Bonbon Farsighted Talisman

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