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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Powell is an NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He can be found at West Melville Street in the Commercial District in New Los Angeles during the day.


Powell was the owner of Army Pizza alongside his wife Camilla with both being highly proud of their recipe even through their pizzeria didn't enjoy many customers. However, after the Ma-non settled in New Los Angeles and showed a great love for pizza, they started to have a lot of customers and demand from their new guests.

Later in the game, Camilla will be nowhere to be found and if the player talks to Powell, he talks about how strange is that a mimeosome would commit suicide for no reason.

Later, if the player walks in the area between the two tallest buildings in the commercial district, a scene will trigger where a female Ma-non is killed after being dropped from one of the buildings right in front of the player, triggering the mission Murder Most Foul.

Ackwar, BLADE's first Ma-non member, ask the player during the mission Murder Most Foul to help him investigate the Ma-non murders across New LA with their lead being the last place the victim was seen: Army Pizza, there Powell forces the player into delivering a pizza on the Ma-non ship in exchange for information about the victim. After the delivering the pizza, Powell directs the players towards a patron named Gerome who constantly started problems in the pizzeria due to his hatred of alien races, after he is confronted by the player, Gerome leaves only to be found again bound to a explosive, depending if the player listened to a speech bubble in the Hangar about deactivating bombs, the player will be able to deactivate the bomb only to Gerome to die due to poisoning, if not, Gerome will be killed by the explosive. Either way, Ackwar will go to Army Pizza before telling the player to go to Oblivia if he doesn't come back.

Eventually, the player goes to Oblivia to find Powell with Ackwar lying on the ground (dead, if Gerome was killed by the explosive) and will tell the player about Camilla's suicide caused by the Ma-non's constant demands for Pizza and claims that he will kill all the Ma-non on New LA because of Camilla's death. however, Ackwar stands up, proclaiming that he faked his death after discovering the poison inside Gerome's mimeosome during the autopsy and telling that now he has all the evidence to frame him for the murders, Powell enraged, pilots his Skell, the Grenade Pizza F, against the player and is defeated.

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