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The Profaned Place is a Secret Area in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is located in the Central Plain area of Temperantia, at the end of a small, valley-like path directly west of the Ardainian Garrison.

The Superboss Tyrannotitan Kurodil can be found here, as well as seven Ignas. The 7 Ignas consist of 3 Bagis Ignas, 3 Mergen Ignas, and 1 Amost Igna.

Three Treasure Troves also reside here, behind the Ignas. The wooden Treasure Trove requires Level 3 Lockpicking, and Level 2 Ancient Wisdom. The red Treasure Trove requires Level 4 Lockpicking, and Level 3 Ancient Wisdom. The white Treasure Trove requires Level 5 Lockpicking, and Level 5 Ancient Wisdom.


Minor Enemies