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"Prospectors do...well, prospectin'. They poke around, looking for minerals, resources and what not--things we need for everyday life here. We packed all the essentials we could on the White Whale, but that won't last forever. We need to be able to replenish our water and fuel if we want to survive. And sooner or later, we're gonna have to figure out how to replace things from scratch--from the socket on a Skell's knee joint, right down to the frying pan in Lin's kitchen. Without these guys bustin' their butts, we'd have no future to speak of."
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Prospectors is a division within BLADE. This division is also known as Land Bank in the Japanese version. They aim to maintain peoples' livelihoods by exploring Mira and securing resources. Their main duty is collecting minerals. Prospectors receive increased Division Points from mining with Data Probes and discovering new locations. Receiving division support from Prospectors grants Defense Support, which decreases the amount of damage sustained in battle.


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