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Quark Leggings are medium legs armour in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are made with quartz from Gaur Plain. They can be obtained as a quest reward after completing Pestering Paola.


For other armour pieces with the same appearance, see Armour Recognition.
Shulk Reyn Fiora Dunban
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Sharla Riki Melia
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Quest rewards

No slots

Enemy drops

Notes: Enemies marked as QE are Quest-Exclusive and do not respawn.

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Dark KislingEther Mine12.3 %
Clima FlierColony 68.6 %
Colony FlierColony 68.6 %
Drunk VangEther Mine8.6 %
Abnormal Brog (QE)Bionis' Leg7.6 %
Sky RhogulColony 67.2 %
Big BrogBionis' Leg5.7 %
White EduardoBionis' Leg5.7 %

Zero slots

Enemy Area Rate
Elegant MarinEther Mine12.3 %
Lazy Hox (QE)Colony 611.5 %
Vengeful DaultonEther Mine10.3 %
Hard HoxColony 68.6 %
Junk KrabbleEther Mine8.6 %
Materia KrabbleEther Mine8.6 %
Rock KrabbleEther Mine8.6 %
Soft HoxColony 68.6 %
Colony UpaEther Mine7.2 %
M42 Scout UnitBionis' Leg7.2 %
Water UpaColony 67.2 %
Mechon M64Bionis' Leg5.4 %
Clima FlierColony 64.8 %
Colony FlierColony 64.8 %
Colony WispColony 64.8 %
Basin AntolBionis' Leg4.3 %
Prairie AntolBionis' Leg4.3 %
Ravine AntolBionis' Leg4.3 %
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