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"These guys are in charge of finding the other pieces of the White Whale. Among other things, that is... including anything of ours left behind after a battle. Skell debris, weapons, personal effects... it can get a bit morbid, frankly, but it's got to be done. Until we're up and running here on Mira and have this place completely figured out, everything we brought from Earth needs to be treated like it's irreplaceable. Also, the search for the Lifehold--that's mostly on the Reclaimers."
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Reclaimers is a division within BLADE. This division is known as Testament in the Japanese version. This division is dedicated to searching for and recovering of the White Whale scattered about Mira, and recovering lost items from the battlefield. Reclaimers receive increased Division Points from salvaging White Whale wreckage and planting Data Probes. Receiving division support from Reclaimers grants Drop Sensor, which increases chance of obtaining treasure from defeated enemies.


Playable Characters

  • Elma, leader and BLADE captain
  • Yelv
  • Cross (if this division is chosen)


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