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"...What? Look, buddy, if this is about the shop, can we do it later? I haven't got a thing to sell. The shelves are empty. ...Just like me."
– Regina

Regina is a NPC in Xenoblade Chronicles X. She can be found at the Armory Alley in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles. After Booming Business is completed, she can be found at the Cathedral in the Residential District.


In Booming Business, upon meeting Cross and L for the first time, she tells them that her shop is not open for business and hints that she does not feel well at the moment. She informs them that her late husband, a BLADE, was killed by a xeno. She stated that since her husband can no longer find her little items for her shop, she has nothing to sell. Once L expresses his wish to take over her shop, she becomes vexed at the thought of him taking over her and her late husband's shop. L argues that it would be better to keep the shop running since her husband would likely want it to remain open. After being convinced, Regina has one condition before lending the shop to L. She stated that it was her husband's wish to develop Oblivia's FrontierNav and push it past the 30 percent mark. She reveals that they received their marriage certificate a couple weeks before the White Whale took off. During that chaotic time period, they barely had any chance to celebrate. Her husband promised that once he'd achieved a 30 percent survey rate of Oblivia, they would hold a proper wedding.

Upon surveying over 30 percent of Oblivia, Regina lends the shop to L. L thanks her while misusing a metaphor. Regina catches his mistake and attempts to correct him, but admits that his goofiness makes it difficult for her to stay depressed. She then feels motivated to give her husband a proper funeral, allowing to feel some sort of closure.

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Points of Note

  • Initially: "A woman who sells the oddities her BLADE husband brings back from the field."
  • After Booming Business: "Upon her husband's death, this shopkeep decided to leave her store in L's hands."
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