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Renewed Will is an Affinity Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received in the Commercial District, near Central Melville Street. This mission is a prerequisite to start Chapter 5, and is centered on Irina.


  1. "Defeat four matinal evellos in Primordia's Grieving Plains."
  2. "A nearby BLADE team is under attack. Head to Primordia's Grieving Plains."
  3. "Defeat the brume auravis in Primordia's Grieving Plains."


"You took out the indigens that had been attacking BLADE operatives and reaffirmed your resolve to preserve the hopes of humanity on this world."


  • At the beginning of the mission, Cross must decide to join Irina to fight (1st option) or to hang back leading Elma to join the fight instead (2nd option). This second choice "Hang back" unlocks the missable best Affinity link between Elma and Irina called "Precious colleague". This link is not otherwise obtainable.
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