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Rescue at the Ensconced Citadel is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received by Julius to the right side of BLADE Tower in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles. This mission introduces the party to the Orpheans. Upon completion of this mission, the arms manufacturer Orphean Technologies is unlocked. Although it's not required the Basic Mission Top-Secret Mission (Julius) can be used to locate this mission.


  1. "Find the source of the SOS signal near Noctilum's Suncatch Ravine."
  2. "Defeat two Marnuck quartermasters at Noctilum's Suncatch Ravine."
  3. "Defeat four Marnuck troopers at Noctilum's Suncatch Ravine."
  4. "Talk to Julius in the administrative district.


"The SOS signal was sent by a race known as the Orphe. You saved them and brought them to New LA."

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