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Reward Tickets are reward items in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are received when the Squad completes Squad Tasks and Squad Missions, regardless of individual participation, and additional tickets are received by the players who completed the tasks and missions. Tickets can also be obtained by exchanging Appendage Fragments via the "Global Nemesis Battle Spoils" option at the Network Console. Completing the survey of Mira awards the player with 5,000 Reward Tickets.

Reward Tickets can be exchanged via the Network Console's "Use Reward Tickets" option for a wide range of Materials, including many that otherwise are difficult to obtain.

The maximum number of Reward Tickets that the player can have at any one time is 9,999 once BLADE Rank 10 is reached. If this limit is reached, the player cannot receive any more tickets until the number is reduced by exchanging them for materials.

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