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Rigel Hands are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are gunlances wielded by Reyn, and can be obtained from numerous high-leveled enemies. Rigel Hands are not otherwise obtainable.

Dropped by

Note: Enemies marked as QE and SE are Quest-Exclusive and Story-Exclusive respectively and do not respawn. For enemies with a 0% drop rate, this item can only be obtained using Riki's Yoink! ability.

Enemy Area Rate
Chimai SeluaBionis' Interior30.3 %
Largo SeluaBionis' Interior30.3 %
Officer RobustoBionis' Interior29 %
Goldi KromarEryth Sea14.3 %
Zeldi KromarEryth Sea14.3 %
Caura BalgasPrison Island13.1 %
Newgate LaiaPrison Island13.1 %
Sanjibal BehemothPrison Island13.1 %
Tored AgeshuPrison Island13.1 %
Cold AgeshuPrison Island11.1 %
Fiendish AuburnPrison Island11.1 %
Masterful GigapurPrison Island11.1 %
Aora TelethiaEryth Sea7.4 %
Asara TelethiaEryth Sea7.4 %
Carbon TudeEryth Sea7.4 %
Deadly MedorloEryth Sea7.4 %
Sacred ZagameiEryth Sea7.4 %
Blizzard BelgazasValak Mountain6.1 %
Final MarcusValak Mountain6.1 %
Glory SlobosValak Mountain5.8 %
Laeklit MammutMakna Forest5.7 %
Brabilam VangTephra Cave5.1 %
Bulganon NebulaEryth Sea5.1 %
Clamorous DablonEryth Sea5.1 %
Dorsiar LizardTephra Cave5.1 %
Erratic GolianteTephra Cave5.1 %
Falsel BunnivTephra Cave5.1 %
Fascia BunnivTephra Cave5.1 %
Hanz PodTephra Cave5.1 %
Judicious BunnitzolTephra Cave5.1 %
Musical VanflareTephra Cave5.1 %
Reckless ZandenTephra Cave5.1 %
Rhoen QuadwingTephra Cave5.1 %
Sonicia GogolTephra Cave5.1 %
Young BrogTephra Cave5.1 %
Dazzling TolosniaTephra Cave4.9 %
Firework GeldesiaTephra Cave4.9 %
Gloria SlobosValak Mountain4.9 %
Aora TelethiaAlcamoth4.7 %
Arel TelethiaAlcamoth4.7 %
Asara TelethiaAlcamoth4.7 %
Deinos SaurosMakna Forest3 %
Magnificent DigalusMakna Forest3 %
Invited SlobosValak Mountain0 %
Primordial Telethia (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Satisfied Gogol (QE)Tephra Cave0 %
Telethia Arielle (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Donnis (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Galdo (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Galvin (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Kaelin (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Lecrough (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Lesunia (QE)Alcamoth0 %
Telethia Vol'aren (QE)Alcamoth0 %
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