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Rock Winder are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are rifles that can be wielded by Sharla.




NPC Area Affinity
Vidian Alcamoth 1
Kurralth Valak Mountain ☆3
Jer'ell Alcamoth ☆5

Vidian only trades this item during the Vidian Rescue Mission quest. Kurralth only trades the item during Adventurers in Peril.

Enemy drops

Note: Enemies marked as QE are Quest-Exclusive and do not respawn. For enemies with a 0% drop rate, this item can only be obtained using Riki's Yoink! ability.

Enemy Area Rate
Sparas PagulValak Mountain25.0 %
Emeraude NebulaPrison Island20.9 %
Saldox NebulaPrison Island20.9 %
M34 Honey Bee UnitSword Valley18.3 %
M35 Woodpecker UnitSword Valley18.3 %
Atomis AnselValak Mountain16.7 %
Atomizek AnselValak Mountain16.7 %
Costa AriesValak Mountain16.7 %
Hista AriesValak Mountain16.7 %
Reef NebulaValak Mountain16.7 %
Ucan NebulaValak Mountain16.7 %
Hidden GamiginValak Mountain15.9 %
Moonlight PaimonValak Mountain15.9 %
Vague BarbasValak Mountain15.9 %
Benevolent AimSword Valley14.8 %
Lightning RonoveSword Valley14.8 %
M82 Melee UnitSword Valley14.8 %
M82X Melee UnitSword Valley14.8 %
Avalanche AbaasyValak Mountain10.4 %
Fuchsia ChilkinValak Mountain10.4 %
Banquet Vassago (QE)Valak Mountain9.9 %
Fork ChilkinValak Mountain8.3 %
Lophos MoramoraValak Mountain8.3 %
Monta MoramoraValak Mountain8.3 %
Poleaxe ChilkinValak Mountain8.3 %
Glorious BuerValak Mountain7.9 %
M104 Fortress UnitSword Valley6.6 %
Mischievious NaberiusSword Valley6.6 %
Entma KingValak Mountain6.4 %
Noto FerisValak Mountain6.4 %
Sesna LexosValak Mountain6.4 %
Sestago LexosValak Mountain6.4 %
Snowal TaosValak Mountain6.4 %
Snowi TaosValak Mountain6.4 %
Barbaric SitriValak Mountain6.1 %
North Star GusionValak Mountain5.8 %
Fate LabolasSword Valley3.9 %
M54 Armoured UnitSword Valley3.9 %
M54 Attack UnitSword Valley3.9 %
Conflagrant Raxeal (QE)Valak Mountain0.0 %
Cunning Chilkin (QE)Valak Mountain0.0 %
Mythical Empress (QE)Bionis' Leg0.0 %
Reinforcement M104 (QE)Sword Valley0.0 %
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