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Samurai Gun

Samurai Gunner (known as Samurai Gun in the Japanese version) is a class featured in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This class provides bonuses to HP and melee attack. It is one of two classes that can be leveled up from Striker and can be leveled up to Duelist. The playable characters of this class include Gwin, whereas Frye's class is an Alternative Samurai Gunner. Samurai Gunner has two skill slots.

Class Ranks

Rank Arts Skills
1 Offensive Stance
Burst Grenade
2 Decoy Round CQC Master
3 Flash Grenade Auto Melee Boost
4 Medic Free Iron Knuckle
5 Healing Aura
6 Assault Breaker Weapon Guard
7 Blaze Auto
8 Burning Slash
9 Theroid Slayer
10 Yamato Spirit
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